Revolution Gelato Organic Dairy-Free Gelato

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Like every mom with a sweet tooth, we love a good gelato. But what if your delicious frozen treat could have less sugar and significantly less calories than the leading gelato brand—and be dairy-free, too? 

Created by a brother and sister team to satisfy their love of good food without sacrificing their vegan values, Revolution Gelato makes award-winning, organic dairy-free gelato. When Jared adopted a plant-based diet, none of the options he tasted compared, so they developed a plant-based gelato that tasted better than dairy. Free of gluten, soy, and added colors, it’s made with simple, clean, and ethically-sourced ingredients, like coconut cream and cashews, that’ll surely delight your taste buds. 

Clean ingredientsDairy freeGluten freeKosher pareveLess sugar than leading brandLower in calories than leading brandNo added colorsOrganicSoy FreeVegan

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