SOS Hydration Daily Lifestyle + Immunity Support Drink

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We all know that our bodies need water for optimal performance, but ensuring we are properly hydrated can sometimes take a back seat to life’s busyness. With SOS Hydration Daily Lifestyle + Immunity Support Drink, you’re treating your body to a hyper-hydration, immunity, and vitamin booster that replaces daily water needs with a clean electrolyte-balanced formula. SOS Daily Lifestyle + Immunity Support Drink is a fast-acting hydration drink made with electrolytes. It is doctor formulated to combat dehydration and optimize overall human performance.*

Backed by medical and sports science, as well as third-party research, this drink helps your body absorb three times more water compared to water on its own. Each ready-to-drink bottle contains only three grams of sugar and 10 calories, and is non-GMO, gluten free, keto-friendly, vegan. To prevent dehydration before it hits, grab a bottle of SOS and drink to and for your health.

*According to the FDA standards, SOS only uses Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS ) ingredients and therefore complies with all regulations for food consumption and production.”

Absorbs 3x more waterAdvanced electrolyte and mineral balanceDaily vitamins and mineralsDoctor-formulatedGluten freeKeto certifiedLow caloriesLow sugarNon-GMOVegan

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