Spero Sunflower Cheeses

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Meet the new kid on the cheese block! Spero® plant-based cheeses are made of simple, wholesome ingredients like organic sunflower seeds, coconut oil, salt, spices, and probiotic cultures. They’re keto-friendly and great for cheese lovers who are looking for an alternative to dairy or nut varieties.* Plus, the Spero brand is built on sustainability: Sunflower Cheese uses 96% less water and land compared to nut and dairy cheeses.

Try three flavors: Original Sunflower Cheese is classic, creamy, and anything but basic, The Herb is more than your typical just-chives spread, and The Smoked is savory with a hint of chipotle. Each of Spero’s Sunflower Cheeses are very versatile and can be cooked/baked in many recipes, or simply spread on toast, bagels, and sandwiches—the possibilities are endless!

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AffordableKeto friendlyPlant basedProbiotic culturesSavory flavorsSustainable

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