Sprouted Cacao O’s Cereal

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When One Degree Organic Foods was created, they wanted families to have the power to meet every farmer, farm co-op, and producer behind every ingredient they used. With 100% ingredient transparency, Sprouted Cacao O’s Cereal is Non-GMO Verified, as well as certified organic, vegan, and glyphosate free. One Degree Organic Foods believes in the connection between healthy soil, healthy plants, and healthy people, and it shows through their carefully crafted products. Packed with iron, calcium, and other great nutrients, Sprouted Cacao O’s Cereal will be the perfect new addition to your pantry.

100% Ingredient TransparencyBioChecked Non Glyphosate CertifiedCertified organicCertified veganKosherNo artificial ingredientsNon-GMO Project VerifiedOrganic cane sugarSimple IngredientsWhole grain

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