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The happy egg co. believes that happy hens lay the best eggs. That’s why they allow their free-range hens to be hens by spending their days roaming outdoors on grassy fields, flapping their wings, pecking, and playing in their natural habitat. The happy egg co. is the only 100 percent free-range brand, and they set the gold standard for true free-range egg production by providing a minimum of 14 square feet of space per hen, opposed to the current free-range standard of 2 square feet per hen. When you spot the happy egg co.‘s distinctive, sunshine-yellow carton, you can rest assured that the delicious eggs inside came from happy, humanely-raised hens.

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Just the facts
  • the happy egg co. is the first free range brand to be certified by the American Humane Association sharing the belief that these standards do more to support hen welfare and are appropriate to claim true free range production
  • The happy egg co. feeds their hens a vegetarian diet, and never uses antibiotics or hormones.
  • The happy egg co. believes that family-run farms are the best way to raise true free range hens. Their farmers are not “egg produces”- they are carefully selected animal stewards who are passionate about improving the lives of the hens they care for every day.
  • Their eggs are packed in a distinctive sunshine-yellow carton made from 100 percent recycled and compostable material.
Free rangeHumaneNo antibioticsNo hormones

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