Turkey Hill All Natural Gelato

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The natural way to enjoy this summer is with a new kind of gelato that was inspired by Italy, but perfected by Turkey Hill. Made the old-world Italian way—simply prepared with no preservatives—Turkey Hill’s All Natural Gelato contains just a few natural ingredients, including real cream, pure sugar, fresh fruit purees, and rich cocoa. Available in eight delectable flavors, Turkey Hill’s All Natural Gelato is a naturally simple treat to kick-back and indulged yourself or to enjoy with the whole family.

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Just the facts
  • Turkey Hill’s All Natural Gelato contains less air than most ice cream, giving it a heavier, richer feel in the mouth.
  • Turkey Hill’s All Natural Gelato is available in eight flavors:
    – Purely Vanilla
    – Sea Salted Caramel
    – Chocolate Chocolate Chip
    – Peach Mango
    – Hazelnut
    – Coffee Chip
    – Chocolate Peanut Butter
    – Mint Chocolate Chip
  • Note: Our gelato is an all natural product that contains no stabilizers. This product will melt at a faster pace compared to a gelato or ice cream product with stabilizers.
NaturalNo preservatives

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