Undercover Snacks’ Milk Chocolate Quinoa Crisps

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If you’re looking for the perfect sweet and healthy indulgent snack, try this unique combination of crunchy quinoa and decadent milk chocolate. Undercover Snacks’ Milk Chocolate Quinoa Crisps are simple bites of deliciousness made with only two ingredients: crispy quinoa and chocolate. The quinoa is dried and toasted to create an incredibly satisfying crispy texture, and then mixed with just the right amount of premium milk chocolate—it’s unbelievably delicious without being too sweet or too high in sugar or calories. 

Made from only simple, non-GMO ingredients, these Quinoa Crisps are allergy-friendly: free of gluten, peanuts, and other tree nuts. Plus, they contain more protein, fiber, and nutrients than other chocolate bars or snacks to keep you feeling satisfied longer. Pack a bag for yourself or send in your kid’s lunch box (they’re school safe!).

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Allergy friendly, non-gmo ingredientsHealthier version of a crunch barIncredible crispy texture

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