UNLIMEAT Plant-based Pulled Pork

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Opting for meatless meals does not mean you have to miss out on great-tasting food. UNLIMEAT Plant-based Pulled Pork has all the flavors of traditional pulled pork without cholesterol, trans-fat, and preservatives. It’s also entirely made from natural plant-based ingredients such as non-GMO soy protein, coconut oil, and rice flour.

UNLIMEAT’S plant-based pulled pork embodies the texture of original Southern-style shredded pulled pork, which is slowly smoked over wood at low temperature and gently torn to give it a proper meat-like texture. It tastes just as juicy as real meat with sauce and is the perfect option for dishes like pulled pork burgers, tacos, pizza, and sandwiches.

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100% plant-based ingredientsAs juicy as real meatEco-FriendlyHigh in proteinNo cholesterolNo trans fatNon-GMOPlant basedPre-cookedrich in proteinVeganVegetarian

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