VFC Vegan Fried Popcorn Chick*n

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There are so many benefits to eating meatless meals—with VFC Fried Popcorn Chick*n, superior flavor is one of them. VFC thinks you shouldn’t have to compromise on taste when choosing vegan food. That's why they pack their products with positivity, great-tasting ingredients, full flavors, and zero cruelty. 

VFC Fried Popcorn Chick*n is made from wheat and soy protein in a southern fried crispy cornflake coating. With 100% natural ingredients and plenty of protein, the Fried Popcorn Chick*n is frozen for maximum flavor and convenience for your busy family to enjoy.

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100% natural ingredientsGood source of proteinLow in saturated fatNon-GMOPalm oil freeVegan comfort food

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