Strawberry ‘n Spinach Smoothie Recipe

Smoothies | February 10, 2015

I have to admit; I thought I had the wonder baby who would eat anything. After my daughter, Tegan, turned one and started eating solids regularly, I was overjoyed watching her happily gobble up whatever food we placed in front of her. Broccoli, kale, green beans, tempeh, tofu; if it was on her food tray, it wound up in her mouth. I’m not ashamed to admit that I was a bit boastful about my hungry, hungry baby.

One she turned two, she suddenly realized that all those different colored foods had a variety of tastes and, wouldn’t you know it, she liked some more than others! She’ll get adventurous every now and then and dive back into those leafy greens, but for the most part she sticks to the sweeter foods.

With her love for fruits in mind, my wife and I got to work developing a nutrient-rich smoothie that Tegan would love. Starting with the basics—strawberries, blueberries, and bananas—we then added in some spinach and kale. Despite the abundance of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins these fruits and veggies provided, we still wanted to try and add another boost of nutrition.

Then, we discovered Ground Chia Seed. Chia seed is naturally rich in fiber and antioxidants, but it also contains complete protein and omega-3 fatty acids. In fact, two tablespoons of this ground seed provides a whopping 2.4 g. of Omega-3s. Great for all stages of life, studies suggest that Omega-3 is especially important in brain and eye development for infants and toddlers. And, most important for our needs, it adds no taste, so Tegan happily drinks her entire cup of this rich smoothie.

This smoothie recipe makes three cups, enough for you and your kids to enjoy a healthy breakfast or snack. You can swap in some of your favorite fruits and veggies, but here is our base recipe for this super-healthy smoothie.

Kid-Friendly Strawberries ‘n Spinach Smoothie



¾ C Soy/Almond/Rice Milk

2 Bananas

½ C Spinach

½ C Kale

¾ C Blueberries

7-10 Strawberries

2 Tbsp. Ground Chia Seed

2-3 Ice Cubes


Simply add the ingredients to your blender and blend on high for about 20 seconds. Enjoy immediately for the most nutrition possible. Makes three cups.

About the author:

Scott Thompson is a writer and father of two bouncy, fun-loving kids. Vegan for over 12 years, Scott and his wife, Tabatha, place an emphasis on using products that are safe for the environment, animals, and their family. When he isn’t blogging, Scott is most likely watching a Blackhawks game, taking his daughter to her toddler gymnastics class, or playing for his men’s league hockey team.

Do your kids enjoy smoothies? What are some of your favorite recipes? Share with us below!


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