Alexandre Family Farm Organic 6% A2/A2 Milk

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Do you want the freedom to enjoy dairy again? With Alexandre Family Farm™ Organic 6% A2/A2 Milk, you can do just that! Their milk is sourced from their special herd of cows that have been carefully cross-bred for decades to be free of the A1 beta casein protein that is linked to digestive issues.

Produced with regenerative organic standards, you’ll love that the cows live on Alexandre Family Farm’s green grass pastures, producing delicious, nutrition-packed milk that’s vat pasteurized to preserve natural goodness and flavor. Alexandre Family Farm bottles the milk with a 6% milkfat to give you and your family the most nutritious organic A2 milk available.

6% nutritional milkfatEasy-to-digest dairyNon-homogenizedRegenerative organic A2/A2 milkVAT pasteurized

Where to Purchase

To find a store near you, visit: Alexandre Family Farm Organic 6% Whole A2/A2 Milk can be found at natural foods grocers on the West Coast and by delivery East through Azure Standard.


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