Alex’s Awesome Sourdough Pizza

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Family pizza night has never tasted so good! Alex's Awesome Sourdough Pizza is the only frozen pizza made with a naturally fermented sourdough crust and 100% organic, non-GMO ingredients. Naturally fermented sourdough makes this pizza easier to digest, nutrients more bioavailable, and lowers glycemic response. The best part? It doesn’t contain any added sugar, canola oil, soy, expellers, enzymes, or commercial yeast like other pizzas. Serve up this better-for-you pizza for your next family meal, but be prepared for your family to ask for seconds!

Naturally fermented sourdoughNo added sugarNo canola oilNo commercial yeastNo enzymesNo expellersNo soyNon-GMO VerifiedUSDA Organic

Where to Purchase

Alex's Awesome Sourdough Pizza is available to purchase at King Sooper, Raley’s, Lowes, Market Street/United, and Earth Fare.

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