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Get your daily dose of greens with Amazing Grass Green Superfood. Just one serving provides a powerful blend of whole food nutrition from nutrient-dense greens and antioxidant rich superfoods to support overall health, immunity and energy levels. Amazing Grass Kidz Superfood delivers 3 full serving of fruits and vegetables. All their products are organic, non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free and naturally aids digestion and body alkalinity. Simply add to any beverage or boost your smoothie for an energizing start to your day. With 10 flavors and functions, you can be sure to find an amazing product for the whole family.

Gluten freeNon-GMOOrganicVegan

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Amazing Grass is sold at Natural Food Retailers such as Whole Foods Market, Sprouts Farmers Market, EarthFare, and more, as well as nutrition shops such as GNC and The Vitamin Shoppe. It is also available online at and through e-tailers such as Amazon, and i-Herb.


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I had so much fun and am now drinking more smoothies so I can have more nutrients in my diet and less calories.
- Jenn D.

Texture and flavor was not appealing. Kids did not like it at all – even the chocolate flavor.
- Kimberly A.

We enjoyed our samples out in the backyard and had a lovely and refreshing time! We mixed the Pineapple Lemongrass and Orange Dreamsicle samples with almond milk and frozen banana slices. The kids devoured them!
- Jenny D.

Amazing Grass adds the healthiest ingredients to any smoothie
- Lisa B.

Gia loved the Amazing Grass Greens! As a Diabetic, I’m always trying to feed her the best possible options that are healthy and Organic. She can be very picky, so I was very happy she liked the greens!
- Missy V.

It was too sweet.
- Mon S.

We really enjoyed the amazing greens orange dreamsicle. The kids and moms all thought this was the best flavor. We mixed it with raw milk. YUMMY!
- Tyra D.

Taste of product was good but texture of product was hard to swallow for some group members..also had a couple of group members that said the price of the product was expensive.
- Annmarie B.

I told the group how I freeze fresh fruit in ziplocks and add it to the Amazing Grass powder with water in the blender, and the fruit makes it taste better. Most members said that the flavor of Amazing Grass is not good on its own, and they would not be able to get their family to drink it without adding something to mask the flavor.
- Lori P.

People like the taste but hard to get over the texture.
- Megan H.

We all loved it, especially the texture, not gritty like others!
- Bridgette O.

Loved the chocolate flavor for kids and the nutritional value is wonderful! Thank you for letting us try your product! Many will be buying again! Our local store only carries chocolate for kiddos so we would love to see other flavors they can add to smoothies, as chocolate does not mix with everything. Otherwise, excellent!
- Suzette R.

The chocolate flavored kid’s Amazing Grass was a super hit among the kids. I loved the lemon lime flavor and so did many of my friends. Hope it comes in a large container.
- Shija B.

We love the packaging and the taste of the product. It is great alone or mixed in with juice and smoothies! We love the more portable mixed sizes… great for on the go!
- Jessica L.

The only way it was edible was in a smoothie. I would NOT recommend it in water, juice, or milk!
- Becky O.

Everyone liked the idea of blending it into a smoothie but most did not like the flavors when we just mixed them with water as a drink. Many moms said they would buy them to put into smoothies in order to up the nutritional value.
- Kendell C.

I brought my blender to our playgroup and made the most delicious smoothies! We used bananas, almond milk, ice and the Amazing Grass KidzSuperfood Drink Powder- Outrageous Chocolate, and blended it all together. You would have thought I was handing out ice cream! The kids drank up every bit of their smoothie and asked for more! I gave all the sample packets out and asked the moms to make fruit smoothies with them at home and report back with what they thought of the other flavors. This past Monday, they reported that their kids loved the fruit smoothies and the moms loved them as well. One mom mixed hers up with just plain water and gagged (hahaha!!). She was told it was best to add the powder to a smoothie, that way the kids are more apt to drink it. All in all, the powders were a huge hit and the moms said they would definitely be purchasing more. The chocolate was the biggest hit!
- Rachel M.

I personally gave the superfood to my kids and they LOVED IT!!! That is something that’s hard to accomplish, they don’t like anything healthy!! KUDOS Amazing Grass Green SuperFood!!!
- Dania B.

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