Annie’s Frozen Mini Pizza Bagels and Pizza Poppers

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Managing snack time can be quite difficult for busy families. Luckily, Annie’s has a simple and yummy solution that’s made from ingredients you can trust. Annie’s Frozen Mini Pizza Bagels and Pizza Poppers are delicious, bite-sized snacks made with simple, real ingredients. These wholesome snacks have at least 7g of protein per serving, are made with 100% real cheese, and do not contain any artificial flavors or synthetic colors. Available in three tasty varieties—Three Cheese, Uncured Pepperoni, and Combination (pepperoni and sausage), Annie’s Mini Pizza Bagels and Pizza Poppers are sure to become an instant family favorite.

100% real cheeseNo added nitratesNo added nitritesNo hormonesNon-GMO

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We all agreed that we loved the products but the price was too high.
- Laurie H.

It was difficult to find. I had to go to 4 stores before I found some.
- Stacy

The group overall loved the product. Some were very familiar with Annie’s products and some had not tried them, but all agreed that they really like that Annie’s is organic and all natural. The only thing that was of concern was the price. They were all thrilled to get the coupon booklets. The kids really loved the fruit snacks, what kid doesn’t like something sweet. All of the products were liked by everyone and everyone agreed that Annie’s makes excellent products. Thanks for allowing us to try Annie’s frozen snacks. They made our monthly get together so much fun!
- Peggy M.

It would be better if there was less sodium in the products and less added sugar as well.
- Yvonne D.

Members commented the product was really delicious, and the cheese was tasty. Kids loved the bite sized healthy portions. Great healthy snack and easy to prepare.
- Shondra W.

We all loved it, most of us were familiar with Annie’s Mac & Cheese, but we loved the healthier option for our kids. We shared it on all of our facebooks/blogs.
- Noah S.

I was expecting more flavor. I really talked up the product, but we were all a little disappointed. The cheese melted really weird on the pizza bagels.
- Jodi R.

We were already huge fans of Annie’s brand, and were blown away with the new bagels and pizza poppers! They were awesome, and more importantly, all the kids loved them! These are great snacks that we feel good about giving to our kids!
- Jennifer I.

The reactions to taste were mixed. Everyone LOVED the pizza bagels, fruit snacks, and cheddar bunny snack mix. The fruit snacks were described as ‘juicy,’ ‘sweet, but not too sweet,’ and ‘totally amazing!’ One mom said ‘I’m going to have to stop at Target on the way home to get more of these.’ However, almost no one liked the pizza poppers. They were the only item that received criticism. They were described as ‘dry,’ ‘lacking filling,’ ’empty,’ and ‘tough.’ While the moms felt that the number of pizza bagels per package was perfect and reasonably priced, they couldn’t believe how few pizza poppers came in a box and said that they would have expected the price to be significantly lower than the pizza bagels. Most ladies hadn’t ever shopped at Target for frozen snacks (they usually buy them at the grocery store), so they said they would have to check out what Target has in their freezer section. Overall, their opinion of the Annie’s brand has been raised after the sampling.
- Heather L.

The bagels were very bland, the cheese never seemed to melt, and the bagels were so crunchy they hurt the roof of the kids mouths.
- Christina S.

We loved sampling the various Annie’s gummy bears, cookies, crackers, and frozen treats. Most of the moms in my group said they will continue to buy Annie’s products and liked discovering/trying all the different products at once.
- Stacy L.

The kids loved the pizza poppers! My friends husband had to go back to Target and pick up 3 more boxes because they were that good! They were a huge success especially with the little boys! Myself and my friend Tobi made carrot bags and put the Cheddar Bunnies in as the orange part of the bag. All the moms and kids thought it was very cute. Our favorite thing about the bagels and poppers was that it was made with REAL CHEESE! We really wish that there was a gluten free option, but all in all it was a really wonderful sampling experience and we were all extremely impressed with how delicious and simple each snack or food was :).
- Nicole T.

Price needs to be cheaper.
- Joan F.

These snacks were delicious. The kids loved them, and the mom’s loved that they are healthy for their kids. My whole family enjoyed these. Most of the mom’s hadn’t tried the frozen snacks but we’re already Annie’s fans.
- Roberta M.

Our meeting was so much fun! Most of the Moms didn’t realize that Annie’s had started making frozen foods. All of the Annie’s snacks (frozen items, crackers, fruit snacks, etc.) were enjoyed by the kids (ages 1-5) and adults!
- Tammy M.

We love Annie’s brand and regularly purchase their products. The pizza poppers and bagels were very chewy, unfortunately, which made them hard for toddlers to eat. The graham bunnies, fruit snacks and snack mix were thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. They were so good and we felt good getting healthy food into their little bellies. Thank you for this opportunity!
- Regina P.

Most of my mom’s have heard of Annie’s brand, but never tried it. After a blind taste test between another brand of pizza rolls and Annie’s, my mom’s choose Annie’s over the other brand. When they learned that it was Annie’s brand, they were surprised to learn about the real ingredients and tasting better. The snacks we’re all easy for the children to access and make on their own without a busy mom helping. My mom’s loved the healthy snacks tasting so good!
- Melissa H.

Very easy to prepare and loved the taste!
- Melissa C.

The group really enjoyed this sampling. As parents, we all agree that we want our kids to eat as healthy as possible. We also agree that there just isn’t always enough time to prepare meals made from scratch. It’s great to have a healthy option that’s quick; yet made with real ingredients, nothing artificial, and from a trusted brand.
- Lori S.

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