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ttpplegate believes that kid food should be great food. That’s why they’ve created HALF TIME™—a line of grab-and-go lunches that you can feel good about giving to your kids. Each HALF TIME™ lunch kit contains Applegate antibiotic-free lunchmeat and hormone-free cheese, Annie’s® organic crackers and snacks, and Stonyfield’s® organic yogurt for a wholesome, well-rounded meal. Now that’s a lunch that moms can cheer for.

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Antibiotic freeHormone freeNo added hormonesNo artificial ingredientsNo chemical nitratesNo chemical nitritesNo phosphatesNo preservativesOrganic

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The way food is raised can change and transform lives…from the farmer who grows it to the person who eats it. Visit to purchase.


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The box was too big for the contents, the fruit snacks were horrible. They were way too highly priced. The meat was good the crackers and yogurt yummy.
- Regina B.

The only problem we had as far as the halftime lunch kits went with the deli meat. The kids hated opening it and the water that would come out, and for this reason most felt they would not buy again.
- Megan C.

On Thanksgiving we all came together to feed our community and what better way to introduce Applegate! It was a GREAT success…. Thanks Applegate.
- Angelina F.

Our group was so impressed with the sampling kit! They absolutely loved the lunch bags and all the fun goodies! This was by far the best kit I have received from moms meet and the products were phenomenal!!
- Lisa W.

These are the absolute best lunch kits out there! Our kids love them. My friends and I will never buy a different lunch kit!!
- Keri B.

Everyone seem to be really impressed with the kits. The only thing is they never saw them on sale at the stores. They were very expensive compared to the other brands that they normally buy.
- Lisa W.

Only dislike was the price seems pretty high for the amount you get. Would cost a lot if you bought a lot throughout the month.
- Peggy L.

Product was good. However, everyone agreed that the packaging for the meat was too hard to open for the adults and can’t imagine giving it to the kids at school without assistance.
- Carol W.

This sampling was by far the most beautiful and well done kit we have sampled to date.The kids loved designing their own lunch bags and the parents appreciated all of the coupons! I loved that you could buy a half time lunch kit, place it in the lunch bag, add an Applegate Farms napkin, and you were good to go for the day! Everything in this sampling was so well done and impressed every member who tried the product. I would not expect less from Applegate and it’s partners -Stonyfield & Annie’s- in producing this product. It is fantastic that there is now a snack box or lunchtime box that is healthy and natural for those times you just do not have time to pack an on the go meal. Everyone felt better about serving this than any of the other products out there.
- Cynthia Z.

My group LOVED this sampling! Everyone really loved that they now have a healthy lunch kit option which really was non-existent before Applegate HALF TIME lunch kits. Also, everyone raved about the awesome lunch bag kit with all the goodies and coupons inside. It really was great to let the kiddos design their own bags and snack on the lunch kits. By far one of the best samplings my group has done.
- Jennifer R.

I actually took this to a wrestling meet and passed it out to all the hungry boys in between matches. The moms loved them and now will buy these instead of lunchables.
- Maria W.

It was a very good sampling experience. Everyone loved the lunch kits and the kids had a great time. We are all definitely going to continue to buy and look out for new products by Applegate. Thank you for the opportunity.
- Julianne M.

The Price is just way to high for families
- Teresa

The sampling was very successful and we were very happy that the kids enjoyed eating healthy food. Thank you for choosing our group to sample Applegate Half Time lunch kits.
- Hanan G.

We really liked the taste of the product. We all know that packaged lunches aren’t generally healthy and that is very difficult for some of us working moms. We want to feed our kids healthy lunches that they will also enjoy, and I like the direction in which Applegate is going. However, despite being LOWER in these categories than some of it’s competitors, I do not like that the sodium and saturated fat are still pretty high.
- HP Pecor

The moms had never heard of the product before. They said that they normally don’t buy lunch kits because of bad ingredients, like sodium. They loved the fact that these included Annie, which was a brand they loved. They really enjoyed the activity, coupons, and coloring items provided. They felt it was a product they would feel good giving their kids. The only downside was the price. They felt that it would get expensive overtime.
- Scartisha D.

Wonderful product. Will definitely be buying again!
- Sherry B.

I like that they are available at my store, but I would like a larger sized lunch for older kids or adults. The serving size is small for younger kids.
- Jennifer S.

My group loved the lunch kits because they were healthy and made from wholesome ingredients. They are very easy for kids to take to school and they provide a satisfying lunch meal.
- Mona S.

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