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“Natural” can mean many things, but when you see it on the label of Applegate deli meats, you know the meat inside is guaranteed to be the real deal. Applegate Natural Black Forest Ham, Roasted Turkey Breast, Smoked Turkey, and Genoa Salami are free of the following: chemical nitrites, nitrates, phosphates, artificial ingredients, and preservatives. Plus, they’re made from animals who were never administered antibiotics or hormones, fed a vegetarian diet and treated humanely. Better deli meats for a better sandwich!

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NaturalNo antibioticsNo artificial ingredientsNo chemical nitritesNo hormonesNo nitratesNo phosphatesNo preservatives

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The way food is raised can change and transform lives…from the farmer who grows it to the person who eats it. Visit to purchase.


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This was one of the best sample experiences that our group has participated in! While many of us knew of the brand, not many at all had tried it. After being informed of the brand’s quality (and seeing it/tasting it for ourselves) compared to products that many of us had been using, we have been extremely enlightened and have vowed to only use Applegate Natural Deli Meats unless there is no other choice at the time.
- Dena C.

The feedback was that the meat was slimy, but otherwise tasted good. they especially liked the genoa salami. We also got a package of the havarti cheese which everyone loved ,but wouldn’t buy due to the price.
- Tej C.

Overall, my group enjoyed sampling and learning about Applegate products. I bought hot dogs in addition to the deli meats, as they are usually a favorite food for children. I have to say, the hot dogs were a HUGE hit for the moms and kids. The majority (90%) said that they would most definitely switch from their current brand of hot dogs to the Applegate brand. The deli meats were also received well by the group. Approximately 60% said they would switch their current brand of deli meat and buy Applegate regularly.
- Aylin T.

The meat was very tasty but it does tend to run on the expensive side. When you are feeding a family of four or more it can get costly.
- Mary M.

Wish there was more of a selection of products. Only 1 store in our area carries the product and there were only 4 choices there; ham, turkey, salami, and bacon. The products we tried were excellent and we wish there were additional products available to purchase in our area!
- Jennifer S.

Almost every member loved the taste and texture of the products we tried. They were extremely impressed with the quality and true natural product the company puts out.
- Vivian R.

Too hard to find, in most grocery stores it is not carried.
- Gloria P.

Our group sampled Roast Beef, Black Forest Ham, and Roasted Turkey Breast. I had a few pieces of plain ham to taste it alone, and I also made sandwiches with whole wheat bread. Each person had the option to add toppings to the sandwich as they desired. Everyone liked the hams, and the consensus was that the Black Forest was the most delicious. Some of the comments from a few moms are: ‘This ham tastes like the real thing’ (Black Forest) ‘The roast beef tastes better than the Oscar Mayer black package [selects]. It’s so rich.’ ‘I am looking at their website and I want to try the cheese now. It would make a great sandwich with this black forest ham’.
- Andrea L.

Overall, most members were impressed with the taste and quality. Just a couple found it a little expensive.
- Heather H.

We really enjoyed sampling for Applegate deli meats. The members in my group LOVED the different meats & would definitely purchase them themselves. Thank you for the opportunity to sample these great products!
- Jean C.

Product is way too high on cost and not available ay many stores near us.
- Heather S.

Everyone loved all the meats. Some complained of price but I explained how it is actually a good price for all that you get (natural, no hormones, etc).
- Michelle H.

Our moms had an amazing spa night where everyone was able to sample Applegate Deli meats and cheeses. I had a tough time opening the meat packages, you really had to put some strength into it. The moms loved the herb turkey breast and cheddar cheese the most. The most popular way to eat it was on a crostini with cream cheese, fresh dill and the herb turkey breast. The second favorite was a croissant with cheddar and turkey and bacon. All the moms loved the booklet that was enclosed and most were shocked at what they read.
- Sara A.

The meats were delicious! I (personally) will definitely buy this product again! I believe that the only reason moms wouldn’t buy this product is because they are already satisfied with their current brand of meats.
- Coco D.

I loved the taste of the yogurt cheese and the wonderful flavor of the bacon. All the meats and cheeses were just incredible.
- Leah

One of the items we tried was the honey & maple turkey breast and several of the adults were disappointed that there was not a more noticeable honey or maple flavor.
- Bel D.

I am so grateful that we had the opportunity to try this product. More and more of the moms that I know are switching over to organic GMO free foods and this is a great way to be able to show them what’s out there.
- Kristina R.

Applegate deli meats were a crowd pleaser at my party. Kids couldn’t tell they were eating healthier. Moms loved that it didn’t have that funky ‘sitting in the deli case too long’ smell. The Virginia ham was the favorite variety overall.
- M Peregory

We loved the deli meats that the group sampled and everyone said that they would surely use the coupons to purchase more of the deli meats, we also sampled the applegate hot dogs, since it is summer grilling season and they were delicious! These products will be a big hit at our summer get togethers!!!
- Sonja C.

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