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Granola may be a yummy and versatile snack, but it can also be a sneaky source of fat and sugar. Luckily, Barbara’s has created Better Granola, a healthier granola option that is jam-packed with protein and flavor. Available in two delicious flavors, Oats & Honey and Dark Chocolate Cranberry, Barbara’s Better Granola is a good source of whole grains, fiber, and Omega-3’s, and lower in fat and sugar than other leading brands. It is also Non-GMO Project Verified, so you can feed your family with confidence. Serve Barbara’s Better Granola with milk, sprinkled over yogurt, or by itself for a tasty and nutritious breakfast or snack.

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Snackimals Cereal is available at major grocery retailers nationwide and natural retailers such as Whole Foods Market and Sprouts. It is also available online at or Amazon.


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We built parfaits with granola, yogurt, and fruit. Even some of the toddlers enjoyed sampling it!
- Amanda B.

Barbara’s Granola = Awesome
- D Vallee

Most thought the flavor was really bland.
- Danielle M.

Both moms and kids enjoyed trying the granola with yogurt, some even said it was so good you could it eat straight out of the box.The favorite was definitely the dark chocolate cranberry, the kids loved the little pieces of chocolate and the sweet cranberries.
- Martha V.

What a wonderful sampling! Moms and kids alike loved it. We used the chocolate granola to make cookies, and they turned out perfect! It is so good to know there is a healthy granola option out there for us.
- Mary B.

I really enjoyed this sample experience and so did my guests. We all already know and like the Barbara’s brand, so it was fun to try a new product from them. The only issue we all had with the Barbara’s Better Granola Oats & Honey was the price – the price was way more than we would ever spend for such a little box. But the flavors and textures were great!
- Heather F.

My group felt that the product was great, some have even decided to shop where they can find additional products in this brand. Thanks for the opportunity to try Barbara’s Better Granola.
- CennDraa M.

I have to say, everyone’s children loved the granola. The only problem was finding it in the local stores. The stores have Barbara’s products, we just could not find the granola.
- Chantell C.

They loved the opportunity to try it. They were excited to find a brand that they trust with healthy ingredients. Although, it wasn’t their favorite granola… they did say that it wasn’t bad…. just not their favorite.
- Kim B.

Some people thought it was bland. They liked the Dark Cranberry chocolate better.
- Chelle R

We love this granola. We don’t have one negative thing to say about it. The kids, especially, loved the crunchiness and the great taste.
- Fran D.

The majority of the group really enjoyed it! They especially liked the crunch. Eddy said he could eat an entire box with milk. Kevin wasn’t very impressed however, he said it tasted like saw. Erin loved it over yogurt! My almost two-year-old ate so much, I had to cut him off! I even posted that picture to my twitter, it was too funny!
- Colleen S.

Some of the women said that their kids told them that the granola was very hard to chew.
- Helen R.

My group really enjoyed the taste and texture of the Granola. All of the kids really seemed to enjoy it and liked the amount of sweetness it contained.
- Tina B.

Very delicious granola. Wonderful texture and flavor. Amazing amount of protein, which is a big plus.
- Star R.

Great taste, texture, and not too sweet! Great ingredients-natural and healthy.
- Tammy S.

The kids didn’t like the flavor as much as the parents and said it wasn’t sweet
- Arielle G.

Most of my group members loved the product, but two said that it was too bland for their taste.
- Niky S.

Great granola, although a bit sweet. We did a blind taste test with a homemade kind and it was very close.
- Jesse A.

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