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Make way for a new family favorite! Barbara’s brings an animal adventure right to the breakfast table. Barbara’s Snackimals Cereal™ packs tons of nutrition (including 8 grams of whole grains and only 7g of sugar per serving!) into three fun animal shapes. Snackimals Cereals are currently available in three delicious flavors: Cinnamon Crunch, Vanilla Blast, and Chocolate Crisp. Barbara’s Snackimals Cereals are a good source of calcium and fiber. Plus, they’re Non-GMO Verified and USDA Organic to help moms everywhere deliver a nutritious breakfast. There’s a story to tell in every spoonful!

CalciumFat freeFiberLow sodiumNon-GMOOrganicWhole grain

Where to Purchase

Snackimals Cereal is available at major grocery retailers nationwide and natural retailers such as Whole Foods Market and Sprouts. It is also available online at or Amazon.


Reviews from our moms

All the kids really enjoyed these cereals. The parents couldn’t believe their children ate all the the bowls in front of them. It was a very successful meeting.
- Samantha B.

Many were turned off by the texture, that it was too “puffy” and light. They wanted more crisp crunch. Children would like more cinnamon sugar. Most did NOT like the chocolate flavor at all.
- Tracy S.

Kids liked them as snacks (dry), but not so much as cereal.
- Amanda H.

It was a great experience. I loved that Barbara’s provided enough of a sample that the kids could each try their own bowl if they wanted and the moms could too!
- Tracey K.

The samples you gave were very, very generous. There was enough for everyone to sample each flavor of cereal. The kids loved it. It was better than having an ice cream party!
- Courtney M.

It’s great that it’s organic, but I’m disappointed that it is heavy on corn ingredients, which is a common allergen.
- Serenity S.

Too sweet.
- Susan R.

I couldn’t find the cereal at Walmart, which is what people were asking about. They liked the vanilla the best.
- Danielle B.

I love that it’s organic, has whole grain, and is low in sugar. However, my kids didn’t want to eat it more than once.:(
- Natalie S.

Most of the moms enjoyed the cereal, but the kids thought it was sort of bland.
- Monica S.

We strongly think that the chocolate flavor needs to be much stronger and last longer. As soon as we poured milk in our bowls we were left with very bland cereal pieces. Its like the milk washes off all the flavoring immediately.
- Jennifer H.

This experience was great. The products were wonderful. The kids love the cereal and cookies. When we go to the store, my son looks for that brand.
- Dawn S.

All of my kids, my friend’s kids, and the moms loved the cereals. We all had to go out and buy other Barbara’s snacks to try!
- Renee J.

Cereal gets soggy quick and doesn’t have strong flavor.
- Lauren

I really liked that the cereal did not become soggy too fast when sitting in milk.
- Jasmin E.

We are consistently impressed with the Barbara’s name brand. Quality ingredients, quality products!
- Erin K.

For the most part, they were a hit with the kids and parents. But, at $5.99 a box, not too many want to purchase them.
- Samantha G.

During our tasting, we felt like the cereal got soggy really quick. This was a textural and flavor issue for some of the mom’s and kids.
- Kara N.

We really enjoyed this sampling meet with Barbara’s cereal. The biggest complaint that our group voiced was the lack of flavor. The cereal seemed to have a better flavor when eaten dry, but when added to milk, the flavor seemed to be almost completely gone.
- Brittany P.

I really liked the Snackimals cinnamon crunch cereal…it actually had the taste of a snickerdoodle cookie. The kids enjoyed it as well.
- Jennifer W.

My group really enjoyed the cereal, especially because the kids did. But for the adults, one important point was how the cereal kept it’s crunchiness even when sitting in milk. My teenage daughter brought a box to camp with her and the girls in the bunk finished the box on the 1st night…I had to make a care package and mail out more the next day. The teenage girls liked the animal shapes and would have liked even more shapes!
- Gale B.

We enjoyed the opportunity. Love that the cereal is so wholesome, but many kids did not like the taste. They thought it needed more flavor and many moms agreed.
- Amy C.

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