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If you’re looking for a crunchy snack that’s equal parts nutritious and delicious, your search is over! Bare Fruit® Apple Chips, are made from high-quality ingredients and 100% fruit—plus they’re a good source of dietary fiber. Even better news? Bare Fruit® Apple Chips are free of refined sugar, preservatives, artificial ingredients, fat, gluten, and GMOs. Made from Washington State apples (and nothing else) these apple chips are available in delicious flavors like Fuji Red, Granny, and Cinnamon. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to try these healthy, great tasting snacks!

100% fruitFat freeFiberFree of refined sugarGluten freeNo artificial ingredientsNo preservativesNon-GMO

Where to Purchase

Bare Fruit® Apple Chips are available at select stores in leading retailers including: Whole Foods Market, ACME, Wegman’s, Safeway, Dominick’s, Harris Teeter, Sprouts, Fred Meyer, Raleys and selected Walmart stores. Bare Fruit® is also available at Visit, to find a retailer near you!


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Loved this sampling. The moms (and dads) enjoyed the apple chips, especially the crunch and the intense flavor of the fruit. The kids, however, were a little turned off by so much crunch. I think it was a bit hard on their little mouths. Much better for school age kids rather than preschool age. Also, loved the packaging. Bright and wholesome looking; just like what’s inside.
- Cheryl G.

The Apple Chips were really bad. No one in my group really liked the taste at all. Epic Fail in my group.
- Maria

Since it was a kid friendly snack, many people brought their kids for tasting. Their feedback was unbiased and instant. Most of them loved it but then the fussy ones wouldn’t even try a green apple crisp! Lol!
- Shil B.

The cinnamon apples are the best tasting of all. The granny smith chips are a little tart and were the least favorite among the children in our group. The moms were excited and were eager to buy the chili lime flavor. These chips are mostly crunchy and a great alternative to cookies, crackers or other snacks. These are super healthy too. We all loved it.
- Rajani P.

Such fun this one was! We had an apple themed meeting, so bare snacks fit right in! The kids BIG and small enjoyed the chips very much. Most favored the red with cinnamon. Searched long and hard for the sea salt caramel flavors but had no luck…have a feeling those would be off the chart delish. Great snack and alternative to chips. We discussed making a yummy dip to have with the apple chips at our next meeting. I only found the chips at Mother’s market, so wasn’t super convenient to purchase. Sorry no pictures…I get so caught in the moment with lots of wee ones running around. Thanks again for an awesome opportunity. Big thanks♡
- Kelly M.

I thought all the kids would love them since they love other brands…but no one liked them. They didn’t like the flavor. They took a few bites and spit them out and then asked for the “other” kind they were use to (which the other kind have no added sugars either).
- Tiana P.

The chips were a hit – I had two groups since all moms couldn’t meet on one date. I baked muffins and a Danish using the chips plus I had chips to sample. I gave away the coupons and the moms were all pretty excited about this snack! Moms of younger kids were concerned about the chips being hard or difficult to chew; but after breaking them up, the kids loved them! They even dipped them in yogurt.
- Rebeca R.

Even though they were non-organic, they were by far the best apple chips we have ever tasted. The consistency, taste, and mouthfeel is unsurpassed. The bags were more full than we expected, too! Some moms commented that they buy in bulk for space, cost and environmental reasons, so the single-serving is nice for on-the-go but not practical when there are a lot of mouths to feed and space is limited.
- Ruthie H.

The experience was great! Bare Fruit Apple Chips have a fresh, yet unique taste to them. Everyone liked that they were eating something healthy, yet very tasty as well. The only negative is trying to find them. Wakefern said they were getting them in, but the two locations around here did not have them as of 10/10/13 and Rite Aid only carried one variety, so we’re hoping that these stores will stock up on them. We will certainly be looking for them. Other than that…great product! We will be spreading the word.
- Linda O.

All the moms LOVED the apple samples…….we enjoyed the variety of the 3 flavors. Most moms want to pack them in the kids lunches. Thank you for the exposure to this brand… have a lot of new customers now! :-)
- Shelly W.

My kids thought that the green apple chips were too sour.
- Hadil V.

We loved it, the bag was eye catching (loved the black bag). The kiddos loved it and we loved it more because it’s actually a healthy snack that they can have AND no worries about peanut allergies at school. LOVE!!!
- Queen R.

This product is an excellent product for the following: Children of all ages. We have three children under 2, who were able to easily open the bag and eat the product safely in the car and at home. This was a huge plus. This product is delicious and most importantly tastes healthy. One more thing, a guest of the Bare Fruit get-together added another potential customer. She is 66 years old and her diet is so delicate. She has M.S. and suffers terrible side effects. However, she loved Bare Fruits apple chips and it went well with all of her medication and the strict diet she follows. This is one more product she can add to her bland and not so exciting diet. Thank-you!
- Lola B.

Most said that the chips were too sweet.
- Karen H.

All the adults & kids loved the chips. It was a hit in our group. All of us loved that we could give these healthy apple chips as a snack alternative or a dessert alternative in our kids school lunches. This is something we are definitely going to buy regularly. The granny smith & fuji red were amazing.
- Tina D.

It was a big hit among the kids, but it was even better received by the moms; many of them said that it would be good for breakfast, lunch, and a mid-day snack at school and in the office, since they come in a conveniently portioned size.
- Simone

The chips are actually substantial and actually fill you up. Many of the kids in our group don’t like fresh apples as much but they loved the chips and finished them without being picky. Win for the mamas! Great product, great packaging and delicious!
- Vidya M.

Everybody was very excited because they were able to get their own bag and they had a few choices to choose from. All were impressed at how it tasted exactly like a fresh apple would; only dry. Thanks for the opportunity to try this. It looks like it will be added into a lot of our families lives.
- Mollie L.

The ladies in my group LOVED this option. We all loved the fact that there were only one or two ingredients in the Apple Chips. One lady said that they are MUCH better than other apple chips that she has had in the past! The women and children really liked them. Some of the ladies took some home with them because they liked them so much! I love that when my daughter asks for ‘chips’, I can give her these instead and she is happy!
- Kim B.

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