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Are you searching for a better-for-you snack with an award-winning taste? Beanfields Bean and Rice Chips are a healthy and satisfying snack that indulges your taste buds in every delicious crunch. All Beanfields snacks are Non-GMO Project Verified, certified gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and made without the eight most common food allergens. Beanfields Bean and Rice Chips are available in seven delicious flavors: Sea Salt, Nacho, Pico de Gallo, Barbecue, Ranch, Salt & Pepper, and Unsalted.

Fish freeGluten freeMilk freeNon-GMOPeanut freePlant basedShellfish freeSoy freeTreenut freeVegan

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Love my sampling box, thank you, we enjoyed them!!!
- Aaliyah P.

Some of the flavors were not good due too the dairy free powdered cheese. Other flavors without that ingredient were much better.
- Emily B.

They tasted amazingly good. Thank you!! :)
- Cheyenne L.

This is a very very healthy snack. We love it!!
- Karmo S.

Love the freshness and the crunch in every bite. Thank you so much for the opportunity
- Mom Ambassador

“We all enjoyed the delicious chips. All the flavors were agreeably yummy and nutritious. Delightful flavors and such fun to taste all of them. Many ‘oohs and aahs’. Thanks for the sampling opportunity.

- Mom Ambassador

“Huge success – everyone and I mean everyone; toddlers, kids and adults loved these chips!!”

- Mom Ambassador

The one flavor we thought we (and the kids) wouldn’t like was the Pico de Gallo. It turned out to be our FAVORITE!! The kids loved it! Great job Beanfields!!!
- Mom Ambassador

No one seem enjoy the nacho flavored chips. Many complained the nacho flavor was too powered tasting.
- Candy D.
Everyone enjoyed trying the chips. A few members who are pickier did not like them as much, but almost everyone agreed they were a healthy and yummy option.
- Mom Ambassador

Moms were a little nervous to try at first. After the first chip, the bags were pretty much eaten right up. They are different yet a yummy and healthy alternative.
- Mom Ambassador

The only negative about the chips were that, although well liked, the spicier flavors had way too much extra seasoning on them.
- Chris D.

We thought they were a little messy for kiddos, but the kids LOVED them, so they were a hit with parents too! Most agreed it would not make good road food as the little kids ended up covered, but they enjoyed the taste. Some chips took a bit more convincing – the group favored the more highly spiced chips.
- Mom Ambassador

Taste and texture was not to our liking.
- Barbara B.

Everyone went all over the chips. Some of the flavors were bigger hits than others. The BBQ and Pico de Gallo were favorites with the kids. The Nacho, BBQ and Pico de Gallo were the favorites with the moms!
- Mom Ambassador

Good to have different flavors to sample. Some people liked all, and some liked some. There was something for everyone!
- Mom Ambassador

The only negative about the chips were that (although well-liked) the spicier flavors had way too much extra seasoning on them.
- Mom Ambassador

This is the first brand that is healthy and truly tasty. I absolutely loved it.
- Mom Ambassador

The sea salt flavor was the favorite because it was paired with all of the dips very well; hummus, black bean dip, queso salsa & black bean & corn salsa.
- Mom Ambassador

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