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Are you constantly searching for a tasty, guilt-free snack? Look no further than Beanitos Puffs–a deliciously healthy baked puff made from highly nutritious whole navy beans. Beanitos snacks are real food, naturally full of protein, fiber, and crunchy flavor and completely free of corn, preservatives, MSG, and trans fat. They are also certified gluten-free and Non-GMO Project Verified. Beanitos Puffs are available in three yummy flavors: Real Cheesy, White Cheddar, and Hot Chili Lime. Finally, a snack the entire family can enjoy without compromise.

FiberGluten freeNo artificial ingredientsNo cholesterolNo MSGNo preservativesNo trans fatsNon-GMOProtein

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My daughter thought the Beanitos packaging and products are just as good as I did.
- Sarah B.

Loved the taste of all the goodies and had a great time with my friends. We really enjoyed it, and you now have new customers.
- Mom Ambassador

Many felt there was a very odd after taste and felt the flavor was sorely lacking, but found the texture was good.
- Melissa M.

Everyone loved the Puffs. One mom seemed ‘turned off’ by the fact that they were made from beans, but it didn’t stop her kids from gobbling up a pack each!
- Mom Ambassador

A great snack that packs in the taste for a healthy kick to your taste-buds.
- Mom Ambassador

We all LOVED them! Even the picky few!
- Mom Ambassador

All mothers were in love with these, they especially loved how it was easy to hold and chew for the younger children. These were amazing and such a hit, many new customers with this group, thumbs up!
- Mom Ambassador

Everyone liked the ingredients and texture, but agreed aftertaste and price would be barriers to buying.
- Christy H.

We were very pleased to sample this snack and to be able to find an alternative snack for our children and family members (husbands too!) for when the urge to snack happens!
- Mom Ambassador

These puffs were absolutely delicious. An added bonus is the fact that they do not turn your fingers all nasty and orange!
- Mom Ambassador

My kids really liked them and are glad they can take them to school as a healthy snack!
- Mom Ambassador

I let the children try the product as well and they loved it. I was very pleased to know what the product consisted of and the allergy content.
- Mom Ambassador

Definitely an interesting concept; price point is high. Didn’t like that the only dairy-free flavor was too spicy for children.
- Margaret J.

The kids went crazy over these snacks. The most popular was the cheddar flavor. The chili ones were not so good. I really liked them myself. The crunchy texture was really addicting. I certainly will be buying these at the store on my next trip, and so will my friend.
- Mom Ambassador

I think it is a very good idea to make snacks from beans, some of the moms were so excited about the gluten free option from beans!
- Mom Ambassador

Didn’t really care for the spicy variety.
- Melanie Y.

We really enjoyed the flavor varieties and the product itself. As busy moms we are always looking for ‘better’ snacks and these tasted like ‘junk food,’ but were made with better quality ingredients and are better for you.
- Mom Ambassador

We loved the Beanitos samples, however the spicy flavor was not a hit for both adults and children.
- Mom Ambassador

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