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In an ideal world, you’d take the time to hand make every one of your baby’s meals. But that’s not always practical, so Beech-Nut® is here to help! Beech-Nut® is offering a new line of baby food inspired by homemade recipes, made with 100% natural ingredients, whole fruits and vegetables, and nothing else. Try exciting and unique flavors like Pineapple, Pear & Avocado, Pear & Black Cherry, or Apple & Aronia berry!Mom Ambassadors selected to sample this product will receive Beech-Nut® products to sample with your group members and coupons to share.

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BabiesNaturalNo added waterNo artificial colors or flavorsNo artificial ingredientsNo preservatives

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Beech-Nut® products are available at Walmart, Kroger, and other local grocery stores nationwide.


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…All together, my friends that had toddlers and babies tried them and really loved them!! Some of the moms taste tested them, also. The ones that did not get to come tried them the next day. All of them said their children loved the beechnut baby food! I had a great time. Thank you so much for letting us try this stuff out before we bought it. Because of y’all, we went to the store and used the coupons. Everyone is so thankful for the chance of trying before we buy it for our little ones:)! Once again thank you MOMS MEET!
- April P.

My son did not like one flavor.
- Preeti S.

It was fun setting up for the party! I used unmarked similar bowls and spoons for each flavor. Then, had my guests try and guess which flavors there were! The all-around favorite was pineapple, pear and avocado! My daughter, Ruby, also loved that flavor!
- Gabriella P.

My group decided it would be best to have a baby shower and give out the samplings there to the new mom and the other mothers with small children. It was a hit!
- Keisha M.

My son sampled the beech nut baby food with a spoon, but decided he preferred to use a straw! He loved slurping it up like a smoothie :). For our sampling party, the weather was beautiful, so we went outside. One of the moms is a chef and was impressed that there were no additives. We talked about how she would use the purée to add nutrients to other foods, like pancakes & muffins.
- Leah C.

Daniel will not eat anything but mac & cheese!!! He went crazy over the stage 3 beech nut fruits! His 3&1/2 month old brother now eats the stage 1 apples every night!! My mom used beech nut products when my twin sister & I were babies! She said, even back then, they were all natural, no additives, & high quality! Green before green was cool;)
- Leila G.

Some are too sweet.
- Ka Y.

When we had the kids try the baby food, they really liked it. The two favorites were the Just Pineapple Pear & Avocado, and the Honey Crisp Apples. They made a little face when they tried the Black Cherry. So, I tried it and the first taste seemed to be a little bit sour, but it passed after the second and third bite. They really enjoyed them. Thank you for allowing us to try them.
- Michelle R.

Every baby/toddler/preschooler/Mom who tried the samples absolutely LOVED them! I’m definitely buying some for an upcoming road trip. I wouldn’t have considered Beech-Nut before this. THANK YOU!
- Britney C.

My friends really enjoyed trying the new line of baby food! It was nice to find that the stage 3 food actually had a slightly chunky texture, something that isn’t found in most other baby foods. We had a great time sharing with our little ones!
- Steffanie H.

The texture should be more liquid.
- Marniebel C.

We ended up having an end of the summer pool party for this sampling. The three babies loved the apples baby food. Some of the mothers were a little hesitant with the avocado food, but once they tried it, they were hooked and gave it to their babies to try. Even the older kids got to try and loved it. I could definitely see the just apples one being a replacement for my son’s applesauce. They all loved that the ingredients were all organic. Awesome sampling!!
- Annamarie D.

We had a great time sampling the Beech-Nut products with our Mom’s Meet lunch. Most of the mothers agreed that they would likely buy the new Beech-Nut to eat when they had to pack their own lunch. It was fun.
- Melanie T.

I thought the samples were good, though the individual jar packaging was overkill. Coupons were wonderful and very welcome : ) It’s still a lil expensive, at least at our local Fred Meyers.
- Rebecca N.

We’re not very interested in feeding our babies fruits we don’t normally eat (like arena berry, which I’ve never heard of).
- Sarah S.

I loved how the samples came in little boxes. It felt very personalized and my group really loved the coupons! Most of my group members agreed that beech-nut was too expensive for them, but they were willing to purchase it if they had coupons. If it was less expensive, they would buy it over other baby food brands.
- Ilona L.

Our moms loved the product! A few went out to purchase, but couldn’t find the product in stores yet.
- Amina A.

Some of the flavors had textures that were too liquidy and others had textures that were too thick. The flavors and combinations were nice and tasted good.
- Stephanie T.

Our group was very happy to see that Beech Nut baby food is natural fruit and vegetables that are healthy, delicious and nutritious.
- Denise M.

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