Betsy’s Best Gourmet Almond Butter

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When it comes to almond butter, Betsy’s Best stands out from the crowd. Thanks to its high-quality, delicious ingredients that including Blue-Diamond Almonds, cinnamon, chia seeds, organic honey, and Himalayan pink salt, this almond butter is truly gourmet delivering outstanding taste and an excellent nutrition profile. All of Betsy’s Best products are non-GMO, all natural, and gluten-free, making them the perfect pairing for all your family’s nut butter cravings. Betsy’s Best’s uniquely gourmet butters are delicious on whole grain crackers, fresh fruit, in recipes, and even by the spoonful. With endless culinary possibilities, you’d be nuts not to give this sophisticated spread a chance!

All NaturalGluten freeHigh-quality ingredientsNon-GMO

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