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Whether or not you’re avoiding gluten, you and your family will love the taste–and health benefits–of Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Muesli. Made with delicious and all-natural ingredients like whole grain rolled oats, dried fruits, nuts and seeds, this ready-to-eat cereal can be enjoyed at breakfast, as a snack, or anytime! Rich in key vitamins and minerals like calcium, magnesium, and iron, whole grains are one of the most nutritious foods you can eat. It’s a tasty and nutritious way to start your day!

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They felt that it was a little bland, but other thought the taste was perfect.
- Dixie H.

I personally like the texture and the assortment of ingredients in it. Some of the people in the group have not ever tried muesli and it was a trial and error for them. Preparation plays a key on how people will come to like it too, but it is such a great product that it can be eaten hot and cold.
- Givenchy A

I organized what friends and I call a ‘project playdate’ where we get together, eat delicious food, and accomplish a household project together. For this event, I served cold muesli with yogurt for brunch and elk pizza with gluten-free crust, and the brownies for dessert. Everyone really liked the Muesli (even served cold with yogurt). It was a great way to make a quick breakfast. For the pizza crust, those that like gluten were okay with the texture… not their favorite but good enough if one of their family members needed gluten-free. And there were no complaints on the brownies! Thanks for making great products.
- Elizabeth A.

Everyone really liked this product (a lot). I also made the brownies to share with the group, as well as a pizza (we had a lunch meeting) and everyone was very surprised that both the products were gluten free. I had a lot of people who were not on gluten free diets who said they’d buy these things in the future.
- Heather W.

All of the moms were surprised at how good the Muesli tasted, and the kids loved all of the fruit that was in it. This is one of the best gluten free products we have found.
- Kimberly M.

The majority of the people did not like the Muesli. There were only 2 kids that said they liked it and they asked for sugar to put on it! (denied…lol)
- Rita L.

My moms loved the Bob’s Mill Gluten free Muesli! We sampled it with yogurt and fruit and it was a hit with moms and kids alike! Gluten free is very important to us since many of my mom’s and/or their children had at least one celiac in the family (myself included). I also made the Bob’s Red Mill brownies to pass around and everyone loved them! Tasted just like a regular brownie!
- Sharon P.

What a fun sampling opportunity! Thank you so much for picking us. The bread was delicious and I don’t think I ever saw so much bread being consumed in one sitting. We were all very pleased with the variety, the quality, and best of all, the taste! I was personally quite pleased with the low calorie bread option because it’s hard to find breads that are filling and don’t taste plain. All of the breads held up well in the Arizona heat. Even with all the seeds, the bread was soft and moist! We were also impressed that the breads were sweetened with fruit juices. I’m going to have to try that the next time I make some homemade bread. We are all in agreement that the Killer is an appropriate name. We’re especially looking forward to seeing hotdog and hamburger buns because that’s a corner of the market that could really use a health boost. Lastly, the children really enjoyed the coloring/activity books! Our daughter, who’s in first grade, especially enjoyed the word search ;).
- Rebecca

We really loved how fast and easy it was to make and how it was customizable to everyone’s individual tastes.
- Christina S.

Didnt like the nuts, some didn’t like the flavor.
- Jessica M.

We were shocked at how delicious it was and many of our group are addicted to letting it sit overnight in the fridge in yogurt and having it for breakfast. The younger children weren’t as enthusiastic as the adults. We even had our husbands test it and many are taking it to work with them for lunch/snack substitutes. Kudos for developing a great product.
- Annie L.

The products were both exceptional in quality and quantity. We were very surprised. Most of us were not aware of the pizza dough or brownie products, but we loved them and we can now get them at our local store after asking them to stock it! The coupons were wonderful to have and we used them, but we all gave one or two out as well so that more people could try this product. …. We sent packets to some teachers, who gave coupons, brownies or a sample to other teachers, so we really spread the word and we know more people are not only aware of Bob’s Red Mill but will buy it as well. It is a wonderful product for people who cannot digest gluten products. More and more people are having these digestion issues and we try to educate people as to why this is happening in our country. We have to STOP adding harmful ingredients to our food supply and ALSO adequately label GMO food sources. Thank you for the opportunity. ….We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! We eat Muesli at least 3 times a week now and treat ourselves to brownies a few times a month. Pizza is eaten a little too much too!! Please know we will try our best to do whatever is necessary to promote your products when we sample them. Thanks ever so much, Janine and the gang of 18 (now) we were 15 before and growing.
- Janine S.

They don’t really like the taste but like the fact that it is high in fiber.
- Siang H.

We loved the taste and texture of the Muesli. And in our package we had a bunch of cool products from Bob’s Red Mill! My party and I made some of the brownies and pizza crust and we now swear by it. I will buy this brand of both brownies and pizza crust for now on. This beats all the other products by far!
- Ashely C.

The majority of the Mom’s agree that they were surprised by how delicious the Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Muesli tasted. The majority seemed to have a preconceived idea that it would be bland and tasteless, one Mom even said that she ‘won’t eat anything that tastes like gruel.’ After tasting it, she was glad she had.
- Christine R.

The sample was good. We all found it to be rich and hearty…and very filling. However, we found the flavor to be a bit bland. We tried several additions to it, keeping in mind the integrity of the product. We found that Cinnamon and Brown Sugar added the best flavor without doing too much harm.
- Angela M.

When served cold, the response was not as good. When served hot, much better response. I also made cookies with the muesli, and everybody loved it!
- Shauna K.

At first, the moms in the group were skeptical. They had never heard of Muesli before and were afraid of the name. They were hesitant. Out of the 17 families, only 2 were willing to try it at the event. One gave it to their child and the child absolutely loved it and made the mother try it. The mother was blown away by how good it was, even when dry. The other parents then began sampling and also loved it. They kept telling me how it was so good and how they thought it was a great idea to put it on cookies like the packaging said. They all really liked it and the fact it came with a coupon. The only thing a few parents were concerned with was that the word ‘allergen free’ was tossed around but it wasn’t nut free and a few parents have kids with nut allergies.
- Elizabeth D.

I was very surprised how many of our group members already knew about Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Muesli. We had an interesting group attendance with some grandmothers present also. Everyone from the grandmothers, mothers, preteens, to the smaller children enjoyed the samples. Everyone was able to try it, and everyone liked it!! It’s a rare thing to have the entire group agree on something.
- Michelle M.

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