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We know that when winter rolls around there’s one thing on every mom’s mind: how to keep your family flu-free. If you or your loved ones are feeling run down or achy, you can take Boiron Oscillococcinum® and feel like yourself again. Oscillo works naturally with the body to reduce the duration and severity of symptoms so you can fight off flu faster. Recognized as the #1 pharmacist recommended brand, it can be used by ages 2 and up. Arm yourself with Oscillo this winter!

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Boiron® Camilia® Liquid Doses are available to purchase at Target, Walmart, Amazon, Walgreens, CVS, Whole Foods Market, Rite Aid, and other pharmacies and natural product stores. To find a store near you, visit:


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Great sampling of products. I think this one was hard to sample because it was for a very specific use and if you didn’t currently feel flu-like it was harder to envision using it.
- Missy T.

Taste isn’t good.
- Jayne V.

Thanks for the awesome kit! We had an interesting conversation regarding homeopathic products. Some swear by it, some believe they never work. We did have some previously reluctant moms willing to try out the Oscillococcinum, though.
- Heike T.

I would say it was a big success. Many were impressed and had heard about Oscillo but never moved forward with buying and trying it. This was a perfect way to get them on board. Many liked that it could be used on the entire family. One mentioned that there were too many little pills for their child. They had to split up the dose because he wouldn’t take them all at the same time.
- Sarah

This was a tough sampling because the moms couldn’t try the product at the sampling…because no one was sick:). BUT a few days after receiving the product in the mail my entire family got the flu… So we were able to try it and vouch for it at the sampling, which was great!!! The pellets were not so much of a hit with the toddler but I didn’t mind them nor did the other kids. My 3 y.o. had a terrible cough so I gave him the Children’s Chestal Honey and that stuff was GREAT!! It tasted good and relieved his cough! I would definitely recommend this!! I haven’t had any feedback from the moms after they have taken it home….
- Tara C.

The product did not work all that well.
- Lisa M.

It’s just too hard to isolate what the Oscillococcinum did or didn’t do to help people’s colds & flus. Everyone was using it in conjunction with OTC products since it does not immediately relieve symptoms.
- Barbara F.

One guest said it left an aftertaste but other than that it seemed to help her a lot.
- Amy K.

It was lovely to have the chance of letting my friends experience first hand a product I’ve been an advocate of ever since I first tried. I always recommend to everyone suffering cold or flu symptoms, having used it on my children before age 2. But not everyone gets sold on it because it’s fairly expensive and not everyone wants to pay the price just to try it out. My husband is one that always complains and wouldn’t buy it because of the price but I always do and tell everyone it’s worth it! Both my kids and I love the package and especially the taste and pellets. They call it candy!…
- Lee S.

A little difficult to open the small pill containers which led to the small little pills flying all over the ground.
- Leoner H.

I am a huge fan of Boiron. I recommend it to anyone who will listen. It’s a great product that actually works without making you feel all drugged up. Best product I have ever used medicinewise.
- Kelli A.

It’s a great product. Group has children enrolled in school, some were experiencing the first symptoms of a cold, they gave them some of the sample and it cleared them up in a matter of days.
- Pansey M.

One member’s husband was coming down with the flu and he started taking the samples right away. Within a day he was feeling much better. He was very shocked and impressed!
- Melissa R.

It came at a great time, quite a few of my group members or their family members were getting sick at the time. I also had a neighbor who had some symptoms of the flu and we gave him some of the samples and he said that he felt much better the next day.
- Christy W.

Everyone loved the pellets. We all agreed that we will have no trouble giving them to the children because they are so sweet. All of our children hate the taste of medicine, even the flavored kind. But the Boron sweet pellets will be a pleasure to give the kids.
- Lisa B.

There were several moms who just weren’t sure if it worked or not. I was one of them.
- Shasta C.

This is such a great product, It actually works! I had my doubts but when I needed it and other members of the group as well needed it, it was effective.
- Wendy O.

This product was amazing! Two of my family members were coming down with flu like symptoms and by the time they were on the second package, they were feeling 100% better. We had a girl who was not even in our group and her little boy (2) was getting sick. By the third vial he was in tip top shape. I will never use anything else but Boiron Oscillococcinum for when we are not feeling up to par! I can not believe a natural product like this could knock out such a nasty virus so quickly. This product truly is amazing and I would recommend it to ANYONE who is feeling sick.
- Shirley G.

My group absolutely loves this product. Some were already familiar with it, having had it recommended as a safe flu-remedy to take while breastfeeding and had only excellent things to say about it. We found it to be an excellent product all around — a wonderful safe, natural, effective medicine for our families!
- Liz A.

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