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Want to try a tasty and comforting bowl of soup made with quality ingredients from the farm? No need to shop at the farmer’s market or make it from scratch. Campbell’s, the iconic American brand, has done the work for you! Campbell’s Organic is soup without compromise-the delicious taste you expect from Campbell’s crafted with USDA certified organic ingredients and no preservatives. These soups are non-GMO, featuring ingredients made without the use of genetic engineering. The line features delicious flavors like Chicken Noodle, Sun-Ripened Tomato & Basil, Lentil, Chicken Tortilla, Garden Vegetable, and Creamy Butternut Squash. Fun and organic soups for kids include pasta shapes inspired by Disney’s Frozen and yummy varieties like Chicken and Stars and slurpable Mega Noodle to make meal time a breeze. With gluten-free and vegetarian options, you’re bound to find your new favorite.

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BPA freeNo preservativesNon-GMOOrganic

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Campbell’s Organic soup is available in the mainstream soup aisle at most national grocery stores and online at


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Most loved Campbell’s organic soup. Even the vegetarians liked the ones without meat. But a few in the group thought the soups were too plain and had to jazz it up with herbs, butter, black pepper and salt.
- Tasha G.

We were only able to try two flavors, they weren’t all offered locally. Tomato and the kids Frozen chicken and stars soup. The kids weren’t crazy about the the chicken and stars, it was kinda bland. The tomato was a big hit though.
- Jessica F.

We liked the product but all agreed that it is priced too high compared to other soups for us to buy without a coupon.
- Deana O.

We liked that the packaging was easy to open. They all tasted very good! We were impressed that the chicken free soup for kids was so readily available. A lot of us prefer that soup for the parents as well!
- Melanie D.

I like the soup and I LOVE that it had a lower sodium count than regular soup, although it took getting used too.
- Karen J.

The group was disappointed not to find some common soup types such as cream of mushroom/chicken.
- Kyra Z.

It wasn’t available for a while, so it was hard to find at first. This is a wonderful product, a little pricey in comparison to the other soups but the benefits are so much better than the other choices out there.
- Misty M.

We loved all the varieties of organic soup. Chicken tortilla and tomato basil was a huge hit in our group.
- Divya C.

I was completely thrilled to try the Campbell’s organic soup with my group. As mother’s we are always looking for nutritious and delicious foods for our children and families and this did not let us down.
- Jessica P.

I thought the sample and share was great. The information provided by Moms Meet and Campbell’s Organic Soup was exceptionally helpful, and the samples we received were tasty.
- Megan D.

They need mor of a variety of flavors and whole foods market does not carry this. It was actually hard to find in stores.
- Lori P.

The group thought the vegetable was quite zesty, but good. The butternut squash was unique and tasty. The chicken and stars was the winner.
- Dory M.

Our group really loved the vegetarian and dairy free options!
- Leanne

Every person who tasted the soup said it tasted much fresher than the other canned soup they have bought in the past. The kids loved the shaped pasta.
- Malorey M.

Everyone loved the soup and that it is organic and doesn’t take any prep work besides heating.
- Allison G.

The lentil and garden vegetable were the favorites, and we were very happy and surprised at how good the flavor was.
- Jessica C.

A lot of us felt that many of the soups were lacking in salt, quite a bit. Other than that, I got lots of positive feedback.
- G.

I personally enjoyed being able to hand out coupons to allow the parents to get the products at no cost to them, it’s really a great way to get new customers to try new products.
- Rose F.

We really wanted to try a variety of your soups but we were limited on the different types. We really enjoyed being able to try the chicken stars and vegetable soups and thought they were really delicious and loved how low in sodium they were as well. We will keep looking out for more varieties in the grocery store to try. Thank you so much for allowing us to try your organic soups and we can’t wait to try more!
- Kariel R.

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