If You Care Large Baking Cups

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Having a healthy and environmentally friendly kitchen doesn’t stop with the food you eat or the ingredients you choose. If You Care kitchen and household products are carefully and deliberately crafted to have the least environmental impact and the lightest carbon footprint possible, while delivering the highest quality and most effective results to the consumer at the same time. Made from the same material as their FSC® certified parchment papers, If You Care Large Baking Cups are made from premium quality, unbleached, totally chlorine-free (TCF), and greaseproof paper. These gluten-free, allergen-free, and toxic-free baking cups peel off easily from your favorite muffin or cupcake so nothing is wasted. They are also certified-compostable for municipal or commercial composting, as well as for backyard or home composting.

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Allergen freeCertified compostableChlorine-freeMicrowave-safeToxic-freeUnbleached

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If You Care products are available nationally at Whole Foods stores, major supermarket chains, natural health food stores, and specialty food retailers and online at ifyoucare.com and various online retailers like MyBrands, Amazon, Greelinepaper, and iHerb etc.

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