Carlson for Kids DHA

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The important omega-3 DHA supports healthy brain and vision development in kids. While it’s important throughout all stages of life, DHA is especially important during early childhood. Between birth and 5 years of age, our brain mass increases 3.5 times. During this growth period, it’s extremely important for children to get an adequate amount of DHA. Carlson for Kid’s DHA is a great way to ensure your children receive the high-quality DHA their growing bodies—and brains—need. Made from premium, wild-caught, sustainably-sourced Norwegian cod, Carlson for Kids DHA provides the important omega-3 DHA and vitamins A and D3 needed to support healthy brain, vision, and nervous system development in growing kids in a delicious, award-winning lemon flavor that kids will love.

Omega-3Vitamin AVitamin D3

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