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Are you looking for a better, more convenient way to get protein into your family’s diet? Cascadian Farm recently launched protein bars in two flavors: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip and Honey Roasted Nut. These yummy snacks are made with organic pea protein, derived solely from plants, and pack a satisfying punch without sacrificing taste. Unlike other protein bars, which typically have a dry or chalky texture, these bars are deliciously chewy and indulgent. Both new products also deliver 9 grams of organic protein per serving, making them the perfect snack for families on-the-go.


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Cascadian Farm protein bars are available at mainstream supermarkets and select natural food stores nationwide.


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We absolutely loved these products!! The bars were very delicious!! What seemed to be the most appealing was how convenient it was to just throw them in our bag and use it as a quick snack! They kept us full in between meals and we never felt guilty about what we were eating! The cereal was just the right sweetness and crunch and also kept us very full. We cut up a few bars into small squares and gave them to the kids to try in our group. The children enjoyed them so much and thought there were actually eating candy bars!! Overall, I would encourage everyone to try these products. I am looking forward to buying some for my household! Thank you for allowing us to be apart of trying these amazing products!
- Angela R.

High calorie product, bars could be less dense and more kid friendly.
- Pam S.

We had a fun time sampling the Cascadian Farm Protein Chewy Bars. The moms were able to discuss everything while the children played in the other room. Everyone was able to sample the bars to re-energize!
- Stacy G.

I handed out samples at my local fitness center–of which I am a member and employee. Everyone loved them! Seemed like a great recovery snack after working out.
- Stephanie P.

My group loved the bars, but would really love more variety of flavors.
- Melissa S.

Several members commented that they would use their bars as a pre/post workout snack because of the high protein content. Also, they tasted better than some of the leading supplement or workout bars used by group members. The Berry Cobbler cereal could easily be used as a healthy dessert option for those looking to actively manage their weight. The Crunchy bars were just crunchy enough. Compared to Nature’s Valley similar products, Cascadian Farm won hands down! The graham cracker cereal was also tested. It was liked the least by moms and a few kids. The nutritional value was there, but the product was lacking in positive flavor compared to other items sampled.
- Jamie C.

The dry bars were nasty, but the chewy were great!
- Ron A.

The kids in our group absolutely loved all of the foods that were sent! The moms were so excited about the low sugar content, even in the cinnamon cereal!
- Lisa

My group loved this overall. They thought it was really tasty and kept them full for hours.
- Carissa D.

I had to beat people off with a stick as they loved the bars so much they were grabbing them all and not wanting to share. Kidding aside, the group at large really liked the bars and all plan to purchase them for themselves!
- Rachel U.

They were amazing! A few of my group members want to buy these instead of their normal brands. They did hope the company would have more coupons available for these products because they can be a little pricy depending on what store is selling them.
- Jamie F.

My children sampled the bars as well and preferred the crunchy over the chewy, as did others in the group. The flavor was better than the chewy. If the chewy bars could taste more like the crunchy, more kids would ask for them.
- Amanda P.

Some of them tasted a little stale. The cereals were popular with everyone.
- Helga R.

We all just loved them. Later when we went to go buy them, we couldn’t find them at any store. We went ahead and bought the regular bars you make, but I think all of us moms hope the protein bars will be in our stores soon….
- Kisha B.

A mom’s husband has cancer and is undergoing chemo, which causes him to have a decreased appetite & energy. After taking a few bars home, she called and was excited to say he was able to eat the small bar, which gave him energy. She hit the store to stock up!
- Georgia P.

I thought the protein could have more flavor. They were a bit bland.
- Charity P.

Both the parents and kids shoveled these snacks in. Several kids referred to the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip variety as candy bars. The moms loved the chewy texture and the fact that there was NO aftertaste or chalkiness.
- Amy L.

I passed out samples at my local fitness club–of which I am a member and also work there. Everyone loved them. They are hoping they very soon become available at our local stores.
- Stephanie P.

Excellent product!! The mom’s all loved them and the kids, too!! My daughter keeps on asking for them as an after school snack.
- Lindsay C.

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