Challenge Spreadable Butter

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If you’re looking for a spreadable butter with superior fresh taste and simple ingredients and are tired of flavorless synthetic spreads, it’s time to stock your fridge with Challenge Spreadable Butter. Made with real Challenge Butter®, a kitchen staple since 1911, the spreadable butters come in three varieties: Canola Oil, Olive Oil, and Pure Avocado Oil.

The result is a delicious buttery blend with a perfect spreadable texture straight from the fridge. Whether you wish for a simple spread for your bread or a boost of flavor in your recipes, Challenge Spreadable Butter delivers fresh taste without compromise.

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From cows not treated with rBSTGluten freeKosher dairySoy Free

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Challenge Spreadable Butter is available to purchase at Kroger, Albertsons, Walmart, Target, and more. To find a store near you, visit:

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