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It’s that time of year again. Summer is ending, the kids are heading back to school, and those cool fall nights will be here before you know it. Curl up, take a deep breath, and relax with a hot cup of Breathing Space*. This herbal tea from their Wellness Teas* line is made from a combination of immunity-boosting echinacea, elder flower, and eucalyptus, which supports a healthy respiratory system.* Not only is this minty blend delicious, it’s also good for you (and the environment!).* Choice Organic Teas are certified organic, gluten-free certified, and packed in the U.S. Drink up, Mom, you deserve it!

Caffeine freeGluten freeNo artificial ingredientsNo artificial sweetenersNon-GMOOrganicZero calorie

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Choice Organic Teas are available at most natural food stores. To find a retailer near you, visit store locator at You can also purchase Choice Organic Teas through the KIWI Shop at or directly from Choice Organic Teas at


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I was so happy see the tea selections, I couldn’t wait until all of us got together for our afternoon tea party. I sent out the pics of the tea when they arrived in the mail, with the memo about the tea party. Everyone stepped up, brought food, cups, and decorations, since it was all last minute. The kids came, and it was a blast.
- Ai D.

Moms thought flavor was bland compared to the teas they currently buy.
- Rose

We ended up doing my son’s fifth birthday party on the same day as our group this month because all the moms and dads were invited. We had a blast. The kids played and we tried all the teas. They were so good. The group was blown away by the Chai tea. That was our favorite. The aroma was intoxicating.
- Annamarie D.

- April E.

We had a lovely tea party and sampled the delicious Choice Organic Teas! We loved the Breathing Space Tea the best! The Lemon Lavender Mint Tea was our second most favorite. The Detox Tea was a big hit also! Of course, everyone loved the Masala Chai! All of the teas were fabulous and just the aroma alone was heavenly! Thanks Choice Organic and Moms Meet! We had a phenomenal time and Choice Organic Teas will be in my tea arsenal forever now!
- Gail A.

We all enjoyed the relaxing and aromatic taste of Choice Organic Teas Breathing Space. Thank you for letting us try the tea. It’s always a relief to know that there are a lot of products to keep ourselves healthy.
- Hanan G.

We had our tea with our buttered (melt) toast! Great way to relax in the evening and work on our playground project!
- Jen J.

The chai packets were not properly sealed in their paper covering.
- Gini E.

We all agreed that buying at Whole Foods would mean a higher price. We would like to see it on Amazon, in Fred Meyer, Safeway, and at our local co-ops. The timing of this was good since many of us came down with a tough cold and used the tea! It was fantastic and helped quite a bit. Four of us went out to buy more to get us through the cold!
- Allison B.

Our group loved this sample…It was nice to get a sample the entire family could use. The youngest in our group to try it was 2 years old and the oldest was 93.. Our group is made up of concerned parents, children, and grandparents who want non-GMO, preservative free, organics, that they can rely on for a healthier environment to raise their families. We gave the kids the LEMON LAVENDER MINT. What a hit it was. Most asked for more and several of the children are now requesting tea regularly. The MASALA CHAI was the biggest hit among the adults.. It was most commonly described as smooth, refreshing, and a nice afternoon relaxing tea. The BREATHING SPACE tea worked wonders for a couple of our members that had allergies and/or sinus colds. Not only making it easier to breath, but I’ve been told it also helped relieve the headaches associated with allergies. Three adults tried the SIMPLY DETOX tea. Although, they all said the flavor wasn’t their favorite, they liked the results of this soothing tea which helped remove unwanted bloating and intestinal discomfort.. Overall our group was very happy with the CHOICE ORGANIC TEAS.
- Tracy C.

It was great to have so many coupons to share and so many samples of tea to have on hand. My group loved the variety of flavors I had available and everyone felt that the Choice Organic Teas were high quality – made with great organic ingredients that tasted good and that have health benefits too!
- Christa P.

Everyone seemed to love it. I made the tea time super relaxing by hiring a few local babysitters to entertain the children while we mom’s sat for tea and cookies.
- Tanya M.

The teas were all very tasteful. However, we wish there was a bit more variety.
- Jessica L.

Everyone loved the taste of the Choice Organic Teas. A lot of the moms fell in love with the Masala Chai and the Breathing Space because of the flavor and the aroma before and after sipping. They were all so excited, and this sampling has been one of their favorites. :)
- Nivin S.

Choice Organic Teas Breathing Space was a HUGE hit with all of my moms! While most of my moms were loyal to other tea brands before tasting Choice Organic, most were converted after learning about it, it’s many health attributes, it’s wonderful taste, etc… Thank you so much for allowing us to participate and for, as always, informing us of healthier products to enhance our health and lives!…
- Dena C.

We really loved this tea. Almost every mom in my group has been purchasing the ‘Breathe Easy’ tea made by Traditional Medicinals for many years, even though no one likes the taste of it. We found this tea to have many of the same herbs, health benefits, and a MUCH better taste! We are definitely all converting to Choice Organic. :)
- Liz A.

About half of the moms enjoyed the teas, while the other half was not a fan of the taste. Most of their reasoning was because of the lack of sweetness. We appreciate you choosing our group to sample your teas.
- Coco D.

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