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We know it’s a struggle to get a home-cooked meal on the table every night of the week, so why not make things easier? Dish out dinner fast with the help of cooksimple, a line of meal starters that help you create a healthy dish that’s ready to serve in 30 minutes. cooksimple kits are affordable, easy to prepare, and super nutritious—they contain only 100% natural ingredients like quinoa, brown rice, and chia seeds. cooksimple helps you take dinner from boring to adoring in a matter of minutes. There are lots of varieties for your family to choose from—including sloppy joe and lasagna!

FiberGluten freeKosherLow sugarNaturalNon-GMOProteinWhole grain

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cooksimple can be found in the gluten-free, natural or boxed meal aisle in more than 4,000 stores nationwide, including Whole Foods, Target, Sprouts, Natural Grocers, HEB, and more. To find a store near you or to shop online for cooksimple products visit


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We thought the lasagna had a bit too much oregano and we made the chili kid friendly by using veggie stock instead of beer. Very tasty!!
- Unknown

Oh my gosh! These Cooksimple meal starter kits were a big hit! We were all stuffed and so satisfied when we had this meeting! We tried the Cowboy Chili, Sloppy Joes, and the Lasagna kits. They were so yummy! We loved that they are so adaptable and they are a great meal base that you can add on to! The Sloppy Joes were the big winner! We were all so glad to have a Sloppy Joe that has no ‘Mystery Ingredients’.
- Emily B.

Cooking the Cooksimple meal starters were very easy. The instructions were very straightforward and kind of fun! We liked that there were optional ingredients to add that none of us really thought of doing if we did not read the back of the box. Everybody loved eating the food and were bummed that I did not cook all of the samples given to me! Most people wish I cooked the jambalaya instead of the curry. The curry was not a hit at all with our party. The adults and the kids did not enjoy the texture, smell, or taste. The All American Sloppy Joe was a personal favorite. Most people liked the Cowboy Chilli. However, everybody agreed that the Sloppy Joe tasted more like Chili than the chili. When in the store before the party, I looked to find the find‑ability of the product and I was only able to find the Tamale Pie at one store out of the stores in my area.
- Heather A.

Some of the meal combinations were not kid friendly at all.
- Melissa R.

What a wonderful sample pack! The Moms loved tasting the different varieties.
- Ina S.

We enjoyed the Cowboy Chili, Jambalaya, Punjabi Chicken, and Skillet Lasagna. The Jambalaya in the pic is made with sausage and chicken. The other pic is of the Punjabi Chicken. Everyone was blown away by how good this are. We can’t believe it. Customers for life.
- Natasha R.

Tonight the moms and I are sampling the ‘Cooksimple skillet lasagna meal’. We had a blast making it and letting the kids help us. It was a hit. Everyone really seemed to enjoy it as well.
- Tiffany W.

Most of the group enjoyed the flavor of the meals, but some were so used to the artificial taste of their current meals that is was hard for them to adjust to the more natural flavors of the cook simple meals. I thought they were yummy, and so did my family!
- Sonja C.

This was a great sample and share. It was nice to get different varieties to sample with my group. All of them really enjoyed each variety.
- Jessica P.

Some of the ladies were pleasantly surprised that the food was so tasty and could still be full of wholesome ingredients! The cowboy chili was a lot of the ladies favorite followed by the skillet lasagna.
- Misty P.

People really did not like the mix of flavors. They were not kid friendly. The kids smelled it and most of them would not taste it.
- Adrienne P.

The meals were well liked. The issues they encountered were that the meals were a little on the spicy side which didn’t go well for most families and the directions are a little confusing especially if making changes and using alternatives. The flavors for the adults were excellent and most were very happy with the meal and how it turned out. :)
- Toby M.

The group enjoyed cooksimple meal starters! They were most happy that it is gluten free, a non-GMO product, and delicious. It was a hit for both adults and children! Thank you!
- Audrey M.

Our group was totally impressed with the taste of this meal. Most didn’t think it would taste as good as it looked. We all loved how easy it was to prepare.
- Marlene C.

Our group was very skeptical about this experience because all meal starters that we have used are packed with sodium. Also, chemicals that we don’t want to put into our families, but are forced to when we have no time and need dinner FAST! Cook simple is AMAZING!! It tastes delicious!! We were all so surprised by the taste and ingredients! They have definitely changed our opinions on meal starters and gained some loyal customers!
- Robin T.

They were just weird flavor combinations or textures. So they would definitely be something to get used to.
- Carly L.

This was a wonderful sample! I had never heard or tried this brand before and it was delicious. I am having a hard time finding it in my local stores, though.
- Jillian G.

The cook simple meals were a big hit with all the moms and kids! I gave each mom a box to prepare and bring. Some we prepared both vegan and with meat. It was a struggle finding all the varieties since there were only 3 local stores that carried the cook simple meals. Out of those 3 stores, they only carried 1 or 2 varieties. The cook simple meals have been put into regular rotation in our meal planning. I only hope they become more available in all varieties soon.
- Charmagne T.

We all enjoyed trying Cooksimple meal starters. The only problems we have had is trying to find where to purchase more.
- April B.

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