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Are you struggling to find a tasty cheese alternative? Enter Daiya, a dairy-free dream come true. Their delicious cheeses are perfect if you are dairy-intolerant, allergic, vegan or simply looking to live a healthier lifestyle with your family. All Daiya products are free of the top three allergens: dairy, soy, and gluten. Plus, they’re made only with GMO-free, plant-based ingredients—nothing artificial—so you can trust these products for your family. Daiya offers shredded cheese, slices, spreads, and more, so everyone in your home can enjoy the gooey deliciousness of cheese. You can finally create your family’s favorite cheesy comfort foods without the dairy, thanks to Daiya.

Dairy freeGluten freeNo artificial ingredientsNo cholesterolNo preservativesNo trans fatsNon-GMOPlant basedSoy Free

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The recipe cards were great – they really helped me figure out the best way to highlight the Daiya products. Cooking with them showed my group that they really melt! The Mexican Quinoa Bake was a hit. I had enough $2 coupons to give out to everyone that came, and still have some left over so I’m still giving some more out to other people that couldn’t make it to our group. The Daiya apron was so cute – I wore it while serving the food I made for my group and I’ve worn it two more times so far since then! It was great to hear how surprised some of the moms were at how good Daiya tasted. All of us learned how versatile Daiya is to bake with, by seeing how varied the recipe cards were – from appetizers, entrees, and desserts!
- Christa P.

It was very difficult to find in local supermarkets.
- Sheika G.

I substituted Daiya for cheese in my pimento salad recipe – big hit! The sample pack was AWESOME! My daughter worked up an appetite at the pool and enjoyed the Daiya pizza! To make it more cheesy, I added the shredded Daiya mozzarella. Worked like a charm!
- Claudia M.

Loved sampling the cheeses with my moms and their families!
- Jill M.

Daiya shreds melted well into to the pasta and it tasted good!
- Wendy O.

My group wasn’t found of the cheddar cheese flavor, they said it had an very distinct taste to it – a bit overbearing (we made grilled cheese). However, they really enjoyed the taste of the plain cream cheese (on a bagel, celery). The kids also enjoyed the bagels better than the cheddar on the grilled cheese. The only store that had the items available near me was Giant and whole foods, but they didn’t carry a big selection or different varieties of the product. My group would have loved to have tried the string cheese, but both stores did not carry it.
- Kristin H.

Most people were surprised at how good the cheese tasted for ‘not being cheese’.
- Caroll S.

Excellent cheese! We will definitely be buying it. Available in a lot of stores too, which is very convenient. Thank you.
- Star R.

Too strong of a taste..while some of the parents could handle it, the kids didn’t like at all.
- Heather B.

My group did not like the cheese cold in a sandwich, but did like it melted.
- Patricia B.

Most group members were pleasantly surprised at how it being dairy free did not compromise the taste.
- Cathy T.

The moms enjoyed trying the cheese. More than half the group liked the flavor. The other half were divided with mixed feelings. Overall, it was a positive experience.
- Diane S.

Most of the group agreed the taste was off a little, too strong on some and too little on others (cheddar could have been better and the Jack was too bitty, the Havarti was great)
- Julie Woods

Overall, good taste. The texture is something to get used to. The cream cheese was the least liked in our group. It needs to be a bit less sweet, more sour. :)
- Lindsey M.

The cheese melts perfectly and has a great flavor! The vegan group members already prefer this brand and the non vegans were excited to try it.
- Kristi B.

The cheese was of amazing quality! My group of mothers absolutely loved the product! I distributed the coupons and we all went on a trip together to our local grocery store and bought it! Thank you so much for the experience.
- Paris H.

Many of the tasters disliked both the texture and the taste of the cheeses. Also, many stores in our area do not carry Daiya products.
- Pamela D.

The availability was somewhat not easy. I had to check several stores and the choices are not as much, too. The flavor is nice and the texture as well. It is a good option and choice. I would love to check other variety and choices as well as it is very limited.
- Givenchy A.

I was really impressed by this product. We had a organic dairy free Easter dinner for my group and no one, I mean no one, knew it was dairy free lasagna they had eaten. I didn’t tell them until after dinner to see if anyone noticed and it was crazy that no one knew..not even my 18yr old son. We all gave it 100 stars..I purchased extra cheese so everyone took a package home to try on their family. Thank you again for helping to raise good, healthy kids and getting new moms healthier with their families.
- Donna K.

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