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Are you struggling to find an allergy-free pizza for your whole family to enjoy? Enter Daiya Pizzas – the perfect fit for families with growing dietary needs. Daiya Pizza is the reinvention of Pizza! They are free of dairy, gluten and soy and full of great tasting ingredients! Daiya Pizzas are made on a crisp gluten-free crust, topped with the stretchy, melty goodness of Daiya Shreds and a variety of yummy veggie toppings. Serve these delicious pizzas as a quick and easy family meal or as a wholesome snack.

Dairy freeEgg freeGluten freeNo cholesterolNo preservativesNo trans fatsNon-GMOPeanut freeSoy FreeVegan

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Reviews from our moms

We had a ‘tea-zzz’ party. We had a tea party to go with the Daiya pizza for all our group members to try. They all loved the pizza–especially the kids.
- Stephanie P.

We added chicken to the veggie pizza! We brought an extra one for us veggie moms and kiddos, and one for us who are not meat eaters! The kids-and moms (and DADS!) loved Daiya Pizza.
- Sarah D.

My group really enjoyed Daiya pizzas, the sizes were perfect for small families. The texture and taste was superb. Definitely a must buy!! Thanks.
- Damien P.

Wish the crust on the pizza was a little more crispier!
- Kristin S.

We were very skeptical about a dairy free, gluten free pizza, but this was surprisingly good.
- Marge A.

Absolutely loved them. The cheese looked and tasted delicious. The only problem was the smell, I could not shake how bad it smelled when cooked.
- Francesca N.

We thought these were pretty tasty. A little small for the price though.
- Jennifer D.

Everybody really liked the pizza. I also had purchased some of the other Daiya products with the 2 Dollar off coupons (such as the cream cheese and sliced cheddar) and we sampled that as well and were very impressed. None of us thought it would taste as good and genuine as it did. The only issue everybody really had is the price. A pizza for 10 dollars is expensive if you have to purchase 2 or 3 to feed the entire family.
- Tanja P.

It took a while to find a store that carried it so the group could sample it.
- Jennifer H.

I don’t have a lactose problem, so I know the difference in taste between real cheese and imitation. I like the crust and the toppings but the cheese had a bad aftertaste. My friends who do have a lactose intolerance did love the pizza and mentioned that the cheese tasted of a high quality. Although i personally did not care for it, a lot of my friends loved it and I would feel comfortable giving this to my son as a healthy alternative to regular pizza.
- Yadira Z.

The pizza was fantastic. It went over very well with my group. They enjoyed the taste, texture and the cheese. I bought a few more pizzas so that I would have enough for everyone to try.
- Tina B.

I wish we had been provided with more than 2 free vouchers so that we could try out more of the flavors available. Other than that, my group thought the pizzas were delicious and couldn’t believe that they were dairy free. The pizzas make for a good snack or dinner option.
- Mona S.

Everyone agreed that the sauce was delicious!
- Susan K.

It was very difficult to find stores that carried the product more than one variety.
- Cynthia R.

Our group of moms absolutely loved Daiya dairy free pizzas. Not knowing what to expect, the entire group was amazed at the wonderful and rich taste of the pizzas!
- Joana M.

It was great and easy to cook.
- Inem U.

People in the group were VERY impressed at the taste, knowing the pizza is gluten- and dairy-free.
- Mirena C.

The pizzas were pretty tasty, especially for the dairy and/or gluten sensitive folks in my group. The others liked them too, but since they aren’t as limited in their diet, they will probably buy less expensive options. People loved the coupons, and I was able to tell them where the pizzas were on sale, which was great. Also, a store near us FINALLY got in the cheesecake, and that was a big hit.
- Kimberly M.

The “cheese” seems overly sweet to most of the non vegans in the group.
- Cathy B.

The product is great fresh out of the oven but after it sits for a while, the texture becomes rough on the crust. Personal size would be great since not all family members eat gluten and dairy free considering the portion size is large.
- Melissa H.

The kids loved the pizza. They couldn’t tell the difference between the kind we all normally get and Daiya dairy free. It was awesome.
- Annamarie D.

We absolutely loved trying this product. We also purchased Daiya cheese alternative, and made grilled cheese sandwiches.
- Julie L.

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