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Are you searching for a healthier way to enjoy bread in your daily diet, or trying to get your kids to eat more whole grain? Look no further than Dave’s Killer Bread, the #1 best-selling organic bread in the country. Based in Portland, Oregon, they’re changing the bread industry with their killer breads, packed with taste, texture and nutrition. Each loaf is packed with whole grains, Omega-3s, fiber, and protein. Their full line of 100% USDA Organic and Non-GMO breads will become instant family favorites.


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Dave’s Killer Bread is available at most major retailers nationwide, but visit the store locator to find the retailer nearest you: daveskillerbread.com/locator.


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Some of kids didn’t like the texture, but the parents LOVED IT.
- Megan C.

An amazing event. Everyone went home full, happy, and looking to buy different types of dave’s killer bread.
- Angela S.

It wasn’t very tasty.
- Afrin L.

Apparently, one of my friends only buys Dave’s bread (four young boys including twins!). She had never seen the protein loaf and was super excited to try it. Loved it!
- Jaejean K.

Party was well organized. All the kids had an awesome day. All the moms were happy as they got to try things. Dave’s killer bread makes great crispy potato sandwiches and mozzarella cheese sandwich. It was too yummy.
- Kirkus K.

This bread is the BEST BREAD EVER!!!! We will now never buy any other bread at our house. My friends and I loved this sampling. So hearty, healthy, and moist. It is so great with your eggs in the a.m., too! We also loved Dave’s Story, too. Good on you, Dave. Thank you for the wonderful gift that is your bread!
- Melinda Y.

My mom’s group meets in our company’s break room. We had a sandwich party that lasted two days! The mom’s were so excited to get the chance to try all the variety. Some even had toast for breakfast. We really enjoyed this sampling. Thanks for choosing us!! Dave, your bread really is killer. You’re apparently not a liar. :)
- Michel B.

So much fun trying all the flavors! This is definitely our new favorite bread. The whole family loves it!
- Riley J.

Not very many of the moms and kids in my group liked that there were so many seeds in the bread.
- Amanda L.

Our Mom’s Meet group really enjoyed Dave’s Killer Bread. We shared toast, while others made chicken salad sandwiches. The event generated a larger than expected interest.
- Trina T.

2 of the loaves of bread were moldy after a day. The rest we had put in the refrigerator it or freezer as soon as we got them. I’m not sure if it was because of shipping it or what happened.
- Becky

We had PB&J and Turkey & Cheese sandwiches with some fruit for the kids. They devoured every last bit and everyone got to take home some extra bread since I received a lot. I really wanted everyone to enjoy the bread at home as well.
- Vianetia J.

I really liked the taste of the bread. I just wish it was less expensive, but understand why it would cost more since it is organic.
- Kelly

Kind of dry.
- Katrina A.

Everything went well! Everyone loved the bread, but our local Ralph’s doesn’t carry it. They wanted coupons for the product as they are a bit pricey!
- Mayra O.

I personally enjoyed the taste of Dave’s Killer Bread. However, several in the group did not enjoy the texture and/or flavor.
- Bethany P.

No one liked the taste or texture.
- Caroline S.

This bread is amazing! The grains taste great and the flavor is so good. Everyone loved the bread. When we finished our samplings, I had them try another type of bread I already had in my house (which normally tasted fine and we used often). It didn’t even compare to Dave’s Killer bread!
- Nicole A.

I was disapointed that some of the bread had molded by the time we held our mom’s group. I would recommend refrigeration for the bread if it will sit out for longer than a week :
- Kelly P.

The breads were fresh and really hearty, but some of the kids did not like the 100% whole wheat as much as the honey wheat. Some moms really liked the thinly sliced, ‘carb conscious’ bread, but we all enjoyed the many varieties. We are glad we can get them from our local Costco here in CA!!
- Sarah A.

The breads were great and everyone LOVED them. The only issue was that we’re not really sure where to buy them, as no one has been able to find them yet in our local stores.
- Deanne S.

The group loved all the varieties that were offered. They liked the fact that I received so many samples because I was able to allow them to take some home with them to share with their family. They had never tried the bread so they really enjoyed it.
- Scartisha D.

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