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Want to skip a trip to the grocery store and get your family to eat healthier? You can do both with Door to Door Organics! They make eating well easy by delivering fresh, organic fruits and veggies and high-quality, natural groceries right to your door. This simple online service offers various delivery options and a curated selection of groceries, from farm-fresh, local produce, milk, and eggs to humanely raised meats and other tasty artisan foods. Get your weekly shopping done in minutes at—and discover how easy it is to get your family to eat more fruits and veggies.

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To start getting weekly deliveries, visit Please note: Door to Door Organics delivery is only available in some states. Find out if they deliver to your area at


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Loved everything that was in the boxes, and the little one enjoyed her baby food puree!!
- Ashley B.

We disliked how all the fruits and veggies were placed in one box touching each other. Some of the lettuces had browned and gooey areas and it was unappetizing to see it smeared on the fruits (even though we washed all of the items.) There should have at least been paper dividers or segments in the box to help protect freshness and keep items from being squished.
- Morgan A.

Beautiful, colorful fruit and veggies! We loved trying everything! It was all fresh, very well packed, and tasted great!
- Bree C.

We were so excited to try our fruits and veggies! My son was really excited with our delivery! I think my kids ate the tangerines and kiwi the first day. Delicious! Our friends at Playgroup enjoyed them as well! Thank you!!!
- Carrie M.

We made sandwiches with the produce and had a potluck dinner ‑‑ best way to show off the produce is to EAT it! Many asked for the codes ‑‑ I did a price comparison showing how affordable and easy it is.
- Emily E.

My Door to Door delivery was on time. The fruit and veggies were so fresh, as if they were just picked. The flavors were great. Everyone sampled something.
- Karen D.

First sampling of Door to Door organic was making a green smoothie. Their produce was fresh and really good quality organic food. I ordered extra snacks for my guests to try out and the coffee syrup for the coffee lovers in my group. I really love the concept of this company and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to eat clean, fresh, local organic food! :-)
- Kimberly M.

I am so glad my group and I were able to try Door to Door Organics. The fruit was so fresh and juicy. We had lots of fun at our meet talking and eating healthy. This is a great company with a positive influence! Thank you.
- Kristin H.

The only negative comment I would have is that the fruit did not stay fresh for long.
- Gina D.

We enjoyed almost everything in our box for dinner. We made salmon with onions and cherry tomatoes, fingerling potatoes, carrots and rice. Everything was fresh and delicious, not bruised like in the supermarket.
- Wendy O.

I like it very much. The delivery came the day it was supposed to. The products were packed nicely and stayed fresh until I got home. My only complaint would be that in comparison with some other stores, some of the products were a bit expensive.
- Michele M.

Loved the program. It is a bit too expensive for me to continue it and that is a bummer. Right now, I use a mix of conventional and organic… if my grocery budget changes, I would use Door to Door.
- Holly M.

I love the idea, but the produce was not the best quality and they left some items off my delivery (not the biggest deal, they delivered them the next day), but it would be an inconvenience if you had planned dinner around the ingredients that were missing.
- Anna C.

We loved this sampling, the food quality is excellent. However, most of the member agree that is an expensive service.
- Angela C.

The food and vegetables came well packed in a box. The quality of the product was good and they looked freshly packed.
- Namita J.

The process was VERY simple and the site is very user friendly. Easy to navigate. The group was pleased with the variety in the box of fruits and vegetables, but they thought the quality was a bit lacking. Many of the items were very bruised or far over ripe the day the box arrived. We also tried milk from Door to Door Organics and everyone agreed the price and quality of that was excellent.
- Angela C.

Some of the food received did not seem very fresh.
- Karin K.

Products were beautiful and tasted delicious. Enjoyed the courtesy and friendly manner of the delivery person. Enjoyed the variety of products available.
- Deborah D.

Thank you for this opportunity. The produce was largely beautiful, fresh, tasteful, and the box was thoughtfully prepared with a good variety of fresh produce. I love the idea of supporting independent farms and organically raised crops (even though the bananas were in fact from Latin America). If I were to commit to ongoing deliveries, I’d probably only do so if I could pick the specific types of produce I’d want to receive. My group members appreciated the opportunity to try Door to Door fruits & veggies, and were impressed with the quality. However, we all pretty much agreed that we enjoy the grocery store experience–being able to see what we are going to buy, choose which items to buy & in what quantities. The actual trip to the grocery store is kind of like an escape–an enjoyable getaway from work, kids, hectic life…Overall though, we were impressed with the quality and grateful for the sampling opportunity. I’d recommended Door to Door to others.
- Candy W.

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