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Looking for a chemical-free cleaning product that actually works? Scientifically proven to remove over 99% of bacteria, e-cloth® is the world’s leading chemical-free cleaning brand. Using microfiber technology and proprietary manufacturing techniques, e-cloth® general purpose and glass & polishing cloth remove grease, oil, grime, and dirt. Ideal for allergy sufferers, e-cloth® cleans any hard surface with just water. By eliminating cleaning chemicals, you can make your home a safer place.

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e-cloth® products are available for purchase at ecloth.com.


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My group was quite impressed with the quality of the items that were sent and we did a sampling on the windows, counters and sinks here at my home. I didn’t want to have them ‘clean my house’ but we wound up getting quite a bit done because they were actually fun to use! Overall, we were all impressed with this sampling.
- Kristina L.

Mop cover was hard to rinse clean while using.
- Valerie H.

Several ladies wished they had a sample to take home and use to determine whether they actually wanted to purchase it. They enjoyed the demonstration and learning about it but still wanted to test it on actual stains, messes, etc. in their own homes.
- Nicole D.

Most of the members were very impressed by the e-cloth. They were skeptical that the cloth worked without any cleaners before trying it.
- Erica T.

Surprisingly they cleaned very well. We are just having a hard time getting used to cleaning with only water.
- Angela M.

The sample was very high quality and everyone loved the products. The telescopic handle on the mop is so useful and lightweight. The only hesitancy to buy these products going forward is the cost and availability. Otherwise, they are WONDERFUL products! Thank you for the opportunity to sample.
- Karoline M.

The moms in my group didn’t like that the all purpose cloth tends to snag easily. I found that it worked well removing messes but it was difficult to remove stains from the cloth itself.
- Veronica

Everyone liked the cloth, found it easy to use, and several were surprised at how well it worked without the use of an added cleaner. The only negative comment was about the price, it was a little expensive for some.
- Elizabeth B.

What an amazing product. Before trying e-cloth, we had no idea something like this existed. Not having to use chemicals is HUGE – not only is it more earth friendly, but so much healthier for my family and now I can get my kids to help clean without worrying about chemicals. We are all behind e-cloth and definitely will convert over to this brand moving forward!
- Ella D.

We all were impressed with how well it worked to clean off dirt, and get rid of smudges. It left NO streaks at all.
- Cheryl L.

I was truly amazed at how well these products work. I was very skeptical at first, but I was pleasantly surprised. My whole group was raving about how awesome these products are. I guarantee they will be purchasing in the future.
- Natalie G.

It doesn’t clean as well as it states and the Glass cloth leaves really bad streaks.
- Terashey M.

We loved the window cleaning wipes – we were amazed that we didn’t even need them to get wet in order to clean the windows efficiently – very impressive little cloth!
- Shannon K.

The E-cloth products are so effective in cleaning even with just water. There is no need to spray any disinfectant. The scrubber removes old piled on dried grease and the pots and pans are so shiny. It removes bacteria which eliminates the frequent use of antibacterial wipes. The mop cleans the floors well without leaving any residue. A product really worth buying.
- Rajani P.

They loved the fact that it was used with just water to clean even soap scum. Things like sticky juice were no match for e-cloth and as moms we were very impressed.
- Tabitha S.

Did notice the dish sponge does tend to get caught on some dishes, such as knives. (the rough side)
- Debbie G.

It was great to see all the reactions from cleaning with just water! It really blew everyone away to see that you can have the same kind of clean feeling as cleaners with chemicals. My moms loved it and I know it really made an impact because I’ve checked back with them and more than half have made ecloth a part of their home. Thank you for the opportunity to share such a revolutionary product with so many families!
- Melody G.

This e-cloth COMPLETELY surprised me! It worked better than windex and a whole roll of the most expensive paper towels! Very happy. I am now a life long consumer, in the first 5 minutes!
- Candice M.

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