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As a mom, you’re always looking for natural, healthier choices for your family, but sometimes your options are limited. That’s why E-hydrate set out to create natural and great-tasting hydration, nutrition, and energy products that are made with real flavors born in the kitchen, not a laboratory. E-hydrate Protein On-the-Go delivers clean, natural protein with only 150 calories and just 4 grams of sugar per pouch, and E-hydrate Adult and Kids Hydration Drink Mixes may be added to any liquid to deliver essential vitamins, minerals, and more electrolytes than the leading sports drinks, without the sugar and artificial ingredients. Finally, a nutritious way to fuel your busy and active family!

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I used the chocolate pouch at the end of my workout and I am impressed with the taste. Read the full review
- Outdoor Adventure Gals

These are perfect for the mid-afternoon slump when I need an extra boost to push me through until dinner time. Read the full review
- Mommy Gone Healthy

The taste is AWESOME. I know my daughter loves being ‘just like mommy’, so having one of these just for her was perfect! Read the full review
- Bombshell Wife Life

E-hydrate makes it so easy to stay hydrated during the day. The Lemon Lime was my favorite flavor. Read the full review
- Mainly Homemade

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