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We know it’s nearly impossible to prep a meal without the help of butter, but now there is a plant-based alternative. Thanks to Earth Balance® Buttery Spreads you have a new option for your family. All Earth Balance® products are plant-based, non-GMO, made without artificial ingredients and hydrogenated oils, and are free from gluten, making them the perfect choice for your family. Choose from six scrumptious varieties and get cooking!

Casein freeEgg freeGluten freeLactose freeNo artificial ingredientsNo hydrogenated oilsNon-GMOPlant based

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Earth Balance® products are available at Whole Foods Market, as well as select natural and conventional retailers. To find a store near you visit


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The moms and children all enjoyed sampling Earth Balance spread on whole wheat toast as well as in cupcakes I made using it! Everyone loved it!
- Abbe B.

It was hard to find the Earth Balance Buttery Spreads in stores and there were only a few flavors.
- Unknown

I run Stroller Sessions, a workout group for moms. We sampled everything after a morning workout. Everyone loved it, including the kids.
- Abbie C.

Many of us are familiar with many varieties of Earth Balance products already, but we got to try some new products. Those who weren’t familiar with Earth Balance products, had a great experience and will become loyal customers, also.
- Leela O.

Everyone at the sample share loved the products, especially the great taste and spreadability of the spreads. I enjoyed handing out information on the Earth Balance brand because I love that they are healthy and vegan. The moms and kids loved the taste of the products and the great variety of products from Earth Balance.
- Stefanie S.

Our St. Patrick’s Day get together was a huge success. My group loved the Earth Balance Butter Spreads. So many of them are worried about GMO food and were happy to try something that was non-GMO.
- Trudy Z.

The main factor that would sway myself and friends who attended my meeting would be price. All of us coupon (at different levels) and look for the best deals. Having coupons available would definitely help in purchasing Earth Balance Buttery Spreads.
- Sami B.

Everyone loved it! Just wish it was available everywhere.
- Ty W.

Buttery spread was really good.I found different types of popcorn in the sample kit, also.They were also very tasty. I found these products at the 99 cents store, also.
- Rakhi K.

Some people felt the butter had a little artificial taste. In addition to the butter, they were impressed with the other products as well. Many had a hard time finding them after sampling though. The PB Popps were a big hit for being different and very tasty.
- Shula R.

It will be great if your items could be made available at more stores. My friends had some trouble locating the items, such as the cheese puffs and the peanut butter balls. They were a real hit with all the kids and the husbands, too! Additionally, the garlic butter spread was really raved about, everyone loved it!
- Sheryl T.

I really enjoyed having the sample meeting with friends, the product was a ‘hit’ everyone really enjoyed it. We were all surprised how wonderful the flavor was and the spreadability of the product. We are all willing to purchase the product for use at our homes, but are a little disappointed that we can not find it at more stores in our city.
- Laura D.

My group loved the taste and texture of Earth Balance Butter Spreads.
- Kenny B.

I loved the Popcorn, Puffs, and Peanut Butter Pops included in the sampling kit. I used them at the party and they were a huge hit! All of us loved the Vegan Cheese Popcorn because it tasted like the real thing without any dairy. There are two moms with dairy sensitivities in my group, so they were extremely happy about this. The PB Pops were also amazing. The children all loved them and were asking for more. We tried the spreads on a variety of breads. We also tried making a healthy veggie pasta by adding the Olive Oil Spread, and it came out delicious. All of the moms loved that the products are completely vegan.
- Andrea L.

Liked it a lot but a bit salty and a tad high in fat.
- Anna H.

The only thing my group didn’t like about the Earth Balance Buttery Spreads is that the texture was a bit gritty and it was somewhat difficult to spread. If the texture became creamier, it would be a total winner!
- Laura J.

I have to tell you, I have been bragging about the earth balance products since they came in the mail. I absolutely loved the popcorn. It’s probably the best popcorn I’ve ever had. Honestly, I didn’t feel as bad eating more of it because it’s healthier. I loves the spread, too! I bought the organic original spread for my group to try. It was fabulous. What a great product and I will now start buying earth balance products all the time! Love them!
- Pam D.

The moms were happier with the product than the children. Some of the kids said they didn’t like the taste of it as spreads, but, of course, they didn’t know I baked some into the bread, too. The moms liked that I used it in the baking. Then, also, let them use it as a spread on it to see texture and versatility. One mom that has had my breads before felt like the spread changed the consistency of the bread, but said the flavor stayed the same.
- Christina L.

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