Earth’s Best TenderCare Chlorine Free Diapers

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Made without the use of chlorine bleaching agents, Earth’s Best TenderCare™ Chlorine Free Diapers are gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin. They are made with annually renewable resources such as corn and wheat to help reduce your little one’s environmental footprint. Their breathable sizes and moisture barrier cuff, along with refastenable tabs, help ensure a perfect fit. Since they are free of latex, dye, and perfume—you can trust they are gentle enough for your baby.

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Where to Purchase

Earth’s Best TenderCare™ Chlorine Free Diapers are available at Babies r Us,,, and select grocery stores.


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Some of my mom’s have kiddos that are prone to diaper rash, and we were AMAZED at the results! Using these diapers seemed to help with our kiddos rashes! I don’t know if there was a direct correlation, but we were extremely pleased!
- Christine L.

One of the toddlers complained that the diapers made their bottoms itch.
- Mrs. S.

My friends liked that Earth’s Best are cheaper than seventh generation. Many only use disposables on vacation because they use cloth, but a few, including us, switched from cloth after we started solid food. Earth’s Best is a great alternative!
- Stephanie D.

The ladies loved the closure on the diaper – the side elastic was much more breathable and comfortable than comparable brands. It didn’t leave little red marks on some of the larger legged babies the way Huggies can do. The one comment brought up multiple times was that they were not huge fans of the block design and wished the design was either not there (no dyes at all) or that it was cuter (animals, butterflies, nature, etc.)
- Erika E.

We had a wonderful experience with Earth’s Best! Being able to gather together and share samples and talk about our individual contributions to a better environment was a lot of fun.
- Rachel M.

I hate to say this but I REALLY THANK MOM AMBASSADOR for allowing US to take part in this project because w/out Mom Ambassador, the group would have never been introduced to this product and it’s part in saving the planet and keeping our children comfortable and GREEN.
- Laura H.

I just wish they would hold better, they leaked on my daughter nearly each time. I’ve never had that problem with my current brand.
- Nikki B.

The Moms in my group thought that your products were wonderful. Some were disappointed that I was not given any newborn sizes for them to try.
- Christine H.

I really think that I persuaded a lot of mom’s in our group to switch to Earth’s Best TenderCare Chlorine Free Diapers. They were VERY impressed at the product after being able to see & test them for themselves. Thanks for giving us all the opportunity to try such a GREAT product, I’m sure they will be sharing their experience with all of their friends too.
- Bambi L.

The moms had a ton of fun with these diapers seeing who could put them on the fastest and were really excited about the coupons. They also enjoyed the greek yogurt smoothies for their little ones. Their only complaint was that the diapers were a little stiff, other than that they loved them!
- Darnitra B.

Everyone loved the Earth’s Best Diapers. I especially loved them because they are environmentally friendly and now my son does not get diaper rashes! I love them and so did the other moms!
- Johanna S.

They were very much liked. The only complaint was the urine smell that other diapers don’t seem to have, which in turn makes you change them more often and that would cost you more.
- Kari M.

Most members were very impressed by the diapers. A few were reluctant to try them at night but after they did, they loved the super absorbency of the diapers. Most have already purchased them for their children. Thank you for this opportunity.
- Louise T.

The book was great! Loved the t-shirt! The kale was great, but I had to go out of my way to pick it up. Expand to other retailers! Sprouts in AZ is great!
- Amanda P.

I was able to spread the word of Chlorine Free diapers; something most of my mom friends have never heard about!
- Janell M.

This was a great sampling opportunity because most of the moms in my group have not used Earth’s Best diapers before. Many use cloth regularly, but rely on disposables as a backup and they often buy 7th Generation for no other reason than availability. We all agree that 7th Generation are not great diapers, but we sacrifice the functionality because of it being a better option than the traditional toxic disposables. Sampling Earth’s Best made several of us realize that we have a better alternative, and that we are willing to order it online if necessary. The coupons were much appreciated!
- Wendy K.

Two of the moms found that the diapers leaked overnight and didn’t absorb very well.
- Charnaie G.

The plain white color of the diaper is attractive. Perfect for those who do not like characters or colors on little bums. Old fashioned and simple! We loved it.
- Alicia H.

Our group had such a great time with our babies and Earth’s Best TenderCare over the weekend. We had fun changing our babies together with TenderCare. Everyone was so impressed and our babies had big smiles on their faces. It was a great experience. All the mom’s wanted me to thank you so much for your generosity. We had fun!!
- Brenda S.

These aren’t available in most of the stores locally, but with the coupon, a lot of the gals plan to make a special trip a few towns over to stock up!
- Tailina B.

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