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Want to serve up a healthier, better-for-you breakfast each morning? Turn to Egg Innovations and Blue Sky eggs. They offer free range, Non-GMO Project Verified eggs to help fit every member of your family’s needs. Plus, you can feel confident that your eggs came from a hen who was raised the natural way. The farmers are dedicated to just letting chicken be chickens®, so the hens are 100% free range and are fed a healthy diet. What are you waiting for? Head into the kitchen, get cracking, and whip up recipes you can feel confident in!

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Made breakfast burritos and apple cinnamon muffins for the breakfast meeting. They were a big hit!
- Jessica M.

Everyone was concerned about the prices as people thought at $4 a dozen they were too expensive.
- Shilpi T.

What I did was make regular eggs and then made the egg innovations ones to show the difference in how both taste. Members of my moms group said they tasted differently and could taste how great egg innovations were from the regular eggs that I usually get from ultra food stores
- Pauline P.

I got 2 dozen eggs to try out for our mom group. I cooked all and served them plain with a baguette. The moms were really impressed how great the eggs tasted and how fresh they were. After reading what was on the carton, most will be trying out Egg Innovations and Blue Sky eggs. Most moms in my group use Eggland’s best brand, but we might get converts. We enjoyed trying out these wonderful eggs and will spread the word around.
- Natalie G.

The price is really the killer here- not the product. The organic dozen is over $5 at the local Jewel. Most of us get locally raised eggs for $2-3/dozen. No, they are not certified organic, but we know our farmers (and that they are just homesteaders who can’t/won’t pay for certification). I think that a price point below $4 would make people consider buying them at store.
- Cassie L.

The only issue we had is that they were not available in our area. I had to have my daughter purchase them where she lived at a Sendik’s. They claim to be available at Woodman’s, but at the Woodmans in my area, they do not sell them.
- Lisa M.

We loved your product. The eggs were fresh and delicious, and we loved how the hens are cared for. However, your product is only available in one grocery store (sendik’s) in our area, and these locations are not near where some of the group lives. However, for the ones that do regularly shop there, I think they were impressed with this product.
- Nicole S.

The eggs tasted fresh and wonderful. We tried deviled eggs, omelets, and poached. They had a wonderful taste.
- Kalpana B.

Most of us had not really heard of the Blue Sky farm before. It really is not all that far from where we live, so it could actually be called locally sourced, also. The eggs tasted great and, I would say 97% of us will now be purchasing them at Kroger.
- Wendy A.

This was a great meeting. We had all age groups and cooked all kinds of awesome meals with our Blue Sky Eggs that met everyone’s needs and wants across the board! Entire group felt like these eggs taste better than any we had ever tried, hands down!
- Jess S.

Was very hard to find in my area and i live in large city.
- Sandy S.

Excellent eggs. Loved the taste. Wish they were cheaper and located at every grocer.
- Erica W.

Thank you for the opportunity to try your terrific product! I have changed to your brand FOR GOOD and it sounds as if some of the moms in my group will be as well! I did have a hard time finding your product in stores, which is why I am late answering my survey. I hope your brand will expand to more stores. Availability is a very big deal to busy moms!
- Jessica I.

Loved trying these eggs with my group, we are very glad to know that the eggs are GMO free.
- Liz M.

The eggs were lovely alone (unsalted even) or in a quick bread (which the group ate all of).
- Alesha M.

I was surprised that some members of our group were not aware of the health benefits of consuming free range eggs. Several of our moms knew it was better for the chickens (obviously), but had no idea they were actually better for us, too. I was really glad to be able to share this information! When I said they could get them at our local Sendik’s (and gave them the coupons!) they were pretty thrilled. :-)
- Jana H.

I had some extra eggs in the fridge. My husband was cooking up some eggs for himself and actually commented on the quality of the eggs. It’s important to note that he did not know I was doing the study. He said the yolks were a vibrant color and the shells were hard as a rock, which means the protein quality is there. I smiled. Not a bad answer!
- Judy

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