Enjoy Life Baked Chewy Bars

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Enjoy Life’s newly reformulated bars are perfect for a delicious and wholesome breakfast, mid-day snack, lunchbox treat, or afternoon pick-me-up. Try one of these four great-tasting flavors, sure to satisfy everyone’s cravings: SunButter Crunch, Mixed Berry, Caramel Apple, and Cocoa Loco. Plus, Enjoy Life’s tasty snacks are packed full of essential vitamins and minerals for added health benefits—these 1 oz bars are sure to make everyone smile with delight! Look for them in their bright new packaging in the gluten-free or cereal bar section of your favorite store.

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Allergen freeGluten freeHalal CertifiedKosherNo artificial ingredientsNon-GMO

Where to Purchase

Enjoy Life Baked Chewy Bars are available at Whole Foods Market, Walmart, Target and other retailers throughout the US. They are also available through the Enjoy Life Online Store: shop.enjoylifefoods.com.


Reviews from our moms

Great taste enjoyed both by moms and kids, and even better ingredients!
- Anna T.

The kids and moms thought the cookies were & plentils were “OK” but everyone thought the chewy bars were very disappointing. The flavor ideas were great, but the taste and texture were given a universal thumbs-down.
- Shasta C.

They tasted great. They were easy to transport. The children enjoyed them. They are made with real ingredients.
- Dawn W.

Everyone loved this sampling experience. All items were a hit with all ages. All flavors were excellent in taste and texture. Love this product.
- Jeanne J.

Everyone really enjoyed life baked chewy bars and we have really been telling other people how good this stuff is.
- Gail W.

Many of the group did not like all the flavors and the texture of the bars. We agreed that the chocolate was the most popular flavor, but the others were so-so.
- Angela W.

The children seemed to enjoy the baked chewy bars more than the adults liked the taste. The adults liked that they were natural.
- Lisa B.

These were absolutely delicious the strawberry was to die for. I was so impressed how little they had in them but how great of a taste that was offered in them as well.
- Amber M.

The adults preferred the Cocoa Loco & the Sunbutter Crunch, while the kids preferred the Mixed Berry bars.
- Linda F.

Loved getting to try this product and share it with others. I’m glad that I can provide these mothers and their kids with healthy food choices and the samples and gift bag was absolutely great.
- Ciera D.

The moms thought there was too much sodium and sugar for a 1 oz bar and they had poor vitamin content. Some experienced and after taste.
- Laurie D.

Kids loved, parents raved. We let our animals have a small bite and they, too, loved it. These bars are amazing and our family and friends/group members are hooked. Thank you
- Jen L.

The sampling kit was amazing, thank you so much!! Our group enjoyed trying the different bars and the overall opinion on them was EXCELLENT! Several group members have already purchased additional products with their coupons. :)
- Adrianna T.

Some of the bars were ok, others not so much.
- Becca W.

The variety of different flavors was amazing.
- Christina M.

It was very relaxed and fun kids enjoyed the bars (as well as the mommas). I would say the sunflower ones were a little bland for the kids, but the adults thought it was a good healthy snack for at work etc. Love when the kids get to connect this way though, yummies and fun! :)
- Justine C.

Some of the chewy bars were not enjoyed, they didn’t taste good.
- Maryellen K.

I personally feel like the people who didn’t like the bars were the ones who didn’t have food allergies or kids with allergies. All the people that loved the bars had kids with allergies. There were many kids with allergies at the party and their families loved the coupons! Many of them said thanks so much I buy these products all the but have never found coupons.
- Megan S.

Everyone was amazed at the taste and texture of all the items. We all agreed that healthy snacks we had in the past were hard and blah. These held up to any comparable snack!
- Carrie B.

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