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Pasta has always been a household favorite, but it hasn’t exactly been considered healthy—until now! Explore Asian is reinventing the pasta aisle with their line of nutritious and delicious bean pastas. Made with only organic beans and water, Explore Asian’s bean pastas cook in just minutes and are packed with 25 grams of protein and 12 grams of fiber per serving. They’re also Gluten-free and available in five tasty flavors that the whole family will love—Black Bean Spaghetti, Edamame Spaghetti, Adzuki Bean Spaghetti, Soybean Spaghetti, and Mung Bean and Edamame Fettuccini.

Egg freeFiberGluten freeKosherLow carbsLow sodiumOrganicProteinVegan

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They cooked very quickly and kept their texture even after sitting in sauce for a few days! We loved both kinds, we tried and have purchased several more since and we love them too! Thanks for turning us on, to Explore Asian Bean Pastas!
- Holly Z.

I wish there were more pasta shapes and the prices were a little cheaper. I do love it though. The whole family did.
- Spring M.

This is a great product! I have children with food restrictions and it’s great to know there are alternatives for pasta that do not include wheat or corn and also come in a variety of flavors!
- Rebecca K.

Was very pleased with this product and was amazed that the kids loved it too :).
- Lorie J.

These pastas are delicious and I feel very confident that their nutritional value surpasses that of regular wheat based pastas.
- Rachael B.

The flavors were amazing, my whole family loved them.
- Annette F.

The flavors and textures were fantastic. We even snacked on a few uncooked pieces and found they made a quick crunchy snack.
- Monica E.

This was so good! The only issue I had was it was really hard to find. Even stores that said they had it, ended up not having it when I got there. But it was worth the search because it was delicious!
- Christina S.

This was so easy to make and had the greatest taste to it. My kids loved it and have bought more after sampling it.
- Becca J.

I love the texture and taste with sauce!
- Colby J.

Excellent flavor at a good price point.
- Michelle

Thank you so much for this opportunity! We really liked this product and the noodles made our Asian-inspired dishes taste like the real thing! We will definitely be buying these in the future!
- Clare B.

Great cost vs. quantity for the product. Easier than spiralizing veggies when you don’t want to eat regular pasta.
- Khyla F.

I love the high protein factor!!! Makes the meatless meal that much better!!
- Peggy A.

I am gluten free and I try to keep my family of 6 on a lower gluten diet most of the time. It was great to try an alternative to our rice pasta that we usually make. I love the added protein that comes from a pasta made from beans!
- Debbie F.

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