FEND Nasal Spray

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FEND is the natural mist solution that boosts your body’s natural ability to clean the air you breathe. Made from a precise blend of hydrating salts, FEND helps your upper airways flush out billions of tiny particles in the air by capturing them on a watery layer as you breathe them in.

Simply take two deep, relaxing breaths of the FEND mist. Hold it upright a couple of inches from your nose, press and hold firmly to create the mist, and breathe in FEND’s all-natural saltwater and calcium blend that will instantly start hydrating your airways. This both cleanses and supercharges your body’s own natural air filtration system so that it traps airborne pollutants before they can enter your lungs.

And unlike other sprays, the FEND mist’s particles are perfectly sized to travel precisely where it can activate this filtering effect.

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Where to Purchase

FEND is available to purchase at hellofend.com.


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