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Want a flavorful, all natural whole grain snack? Baked with an authentic sourdough rye recipe imported from Finland—Finn Crisp is a wholesome snack, low in fat and calories. These delicately thin crispbreads are deliciously grainy with just the right amount of crunch. High in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, Finn Crisp is an essential part of a healthy diet. These crackers are also ideal as a light snack in between meals, and irresistible when dressed up with different toppings for an evening affair.

High in fiberLow calorieLow fatNaturalNo trans fats

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Finn Crisp Original is available at Whole Foods Market, A&P, ShopRite, Stop & Shop, Giant MD, Giant PA, Raley’s, Harris Teeter, Hannaford, DeMoulas, winco, Shaw’s, Stater Brothers, Kroger, Winn Dixie, HEB, Acme, and Cub Foods


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The moms really enjoyed sampling this product. We provided a number of toppings – cheese, bruschetta, guacamole, salsa and sour cream. The only downfall to this product was after the sampling when some of the moms couldn’t use their coupon because it wasn’t available where they shopped.
- Ashley H.

They were too dry.
- Heather S.

My group absolutely loved it! It was so crispy, we ate almost all of the boxes! They liked the way the box opened, but wanted a way to open the crackers and reseal them so they didn’t go stale.
- Chelsea T.

Most people liked them, although most also liked them better with toppings, which I also provided (i.e.: cheese, etc). It was an acquired taste for most, but everyone loved trying the different flavors. Texture was great.
- Jill K.

I thought it was a great experience! It is a bit disappointing that it’s not available at Wal-Mart and I haven’t been able to locate it at my local H-E-B.
- Stefany G.

All of the moms were very happy with the ingredients and nutritional value. High fiber, whole grain foods are something that all the moms in my group strive to serve to their family. All of the moms liked the texture of the crisps. Some of the moms did not like certain flavors as well as others. Most of the kids liked them with toppings. A few of the children did not like the texture and/or flavor. Overall this product went over very well with my group and over 75% of the moms said they plan to buy these in the future.
- Heather W.

Texture to hard and brittle.
- Amy R.

The adults liked the Finn Crisps which we prepared in several different ways, with a cheese and various dips. However, the majority of the children in our group did not like the Finn Crisps.
- Michele V.

23 people tried, all 23 liked both flavors or one over the other. I sampled it with cheese and honey peanut butter. It helped with the cravings of wanting something crunchy… Awesome for someone on a diet. And many liked that the crackers are thin. Had only one negative report from someone who didn’t like the cracker by itself but enjoyed it with the toppings offered.
- Toni N.

We were all impressed on how much the children loved them. My four year old loved dipping them in fresh salsa, also spreading natural peanut butter and nutella was a big hit.
- Laurie R.

Wow! All the moms and the children absolutely loved the Finn Crisps! I had put together an assortment of spreads to use as toppings and while the toppings were used, the Finn Crisps also tasted fabulous plain! That says a lot about the taste and quality of this product!!
- L Hutchings

Love it. Definitely fulfills a need. Crackers are fun and great for snacking, in lunches, with dip, etc and here is finally one we don’t need to feel guilty about.
- Susan S.

We all loved the crispness but especially the kids did! It is smart to market these to moms and kids, because most kids love crisp foods. Some of the kids were even willing to try things they normally wouldn’t, like hummus, because they liked the crispness. Great product!
- Vicki K.

Many of the ladies didn’t like the rye.
- Kahy S.

This was such a great sampling event because so many of the moms loved crackers, but hadn’t tried Finn Crisp. I setup an afternoon of sampling and everyone loved that they were healthy and delicious. ‘I love that it’s made with whole grains and extra nutrients’ said Jennifer. The moms liked that they were good crackers for them and their kids. ‘I love that they are nutritious and so crunchy’ said Debbie. Many of the moms and kids loved it and couldn’t stop snacking on them. I shared the coupons and most of the moms are going to buy more right away.
- Stefanie S.

We were trying many different recipes to use the Finn Crisps in and when we made nachos, WOW!! They were fantastic. The recipes that Finn Crisp sent along were very helpful on how to use their crisp crackers. Most of the ladies liked the simple cheese and other toppings put right on top and served as an appetizer.
- VJ Florio

Just bland….perhaps good with dips.
- Briana W.

I actually had a party myself because I was so interested in this product (I will now have another one). We love the variety and the different uses for this product, I wrote down recipes from everyone that has crackers in a recipe we cooked, and are going to substitute Finn Crisp for them. Meatloaf is my idea!
- Megan K.

This product was a surprisingly huge hit. I expected this to be more aimed at the Moms in our group since we didn’t think the kids would like it, but they LOVED it. We have a lot of toddlers in our group, around age 2, and they just could not get enough.
- Barbara Z.

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