Fishpeople Seafood Bisques and Chowders

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This summer, you don’t have to go to the beach to find great-tasting seafood. Fishpeople Seafood chowders and bisques are made with sustainably caught Pacific Northwest seafood and blended with farm-fresh ingredients to create a scrumptious, gourmet meal you can eat anywhere, anytime. Conveniently packaged in a single-serve, 10 oz. pouch, Fishpeople bisques and chowders can be enjoyed at home, at work, or on the go. They’re also gluten-free and chock full of clean and lean proteins and omega-3’s, so grab a spoon and dive in!

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Gluten freeNo preservativesOmega-3Protein

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Fishpeople Seafood products can be found at fine grocery retailers nationwide. To find a location near you, visit


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Delicious! Some people found it difficult to scrap all the goodness out of the pouch. Most of the group, including me, loved the flat package – great for storage.
- Margaret H.

Most of my mom’s did not expect the chowders to be so tasty. They were very surprised at the taste and easy way to heat them up. Great job, we loved them.
- Natalie P.

OMG! Those soups are sooooooo good it is unbelievable. It feels like I am at the restaurant, that’s how good they are. I will be buying them regularly.
- Zaneta A.

I think this was one of the best sampling parties we have had. The soup was delicious and fresh tasting! We just had to add crackers and Bam it was ready! A lot of the moms were happy how we can use the microwave when we are in a rush. Great product made in the USA!!
- Kristen M.

Hands down, the favorite was the bacon and clam chowder. Our group loved how quick and easy it was to prepare (we did both stovetop and microwave). The kids and the adults both loved them.
- Hillary P.

Thank you for leading us to discover this brand. They have an array of excellent choices for soup, flavors are so good, quick and easy solution for busy lifestyles or just when you’re short on time for preparing a meal.
- Ustia S.

It’s delicious, but most of us agree that it would be better if it was chunky so we could taste more.
- Jennifer S.

Everyone in the group agreed that all of the Fishpeople products tasted like something you would get in a restaurant. It was absolutely delicious on top of being healthy! We loved it.
- Amy L.

The flavors tasted so fresh, and the moms were very excited to try these, and loved the flavors!
- Becky M.

I love how easy it is to heat up the chowders right in the pouch! This is a very cool design feature.
- Reanna B.

These were great and fantastic. All of the flavors were great! This was very flavorful and the packaging and ease of use and preparation were right on target. I give this an A+!
- Inem U.

An excellent product that makes quick-fix soups a breeze and a healthy option for my family.
- Agnes M.

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