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Have you ever tried a vegan cheese that you wanted to eat right out of the package? New Follow Your Heart Slices will make you want to do just that! These vegan, lactose-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and casein-free slices can be deliciously enjoyed cold, melted, shredded—virtually any way you can imagine! Made with only eight simple, non-GMO ingredients, Follow Your Heart Slices are available in 4 versatile, crowd-pleasing flavors: American, Provolone, Mozzarella, and Garden Herb.

Casein freeDairy freeGluten freeLactose freeNo artificial ingredientsNon-GMOVegan

Where to Purchase

Follow Your Heart Slices are available at Whole Foods Market, Lassen’s, Mother’s Market, Erewhon, Mollie Stones, New Leaf Markets, PCC, New Seasons Market, Food Fight! Vegan Grocery, Alfalfas, Fairway Foods, Wild By Nature, Khim’s, and more every day. Ask for them by name!


Reviews from our moms

We like how it is healthier than other brands, so we can give Follow Your Heart cheese to our kids without any worries.
- Lai Jin

Kids all liked these but a few of the Mom’s did not like the taste. The Follow Your Heart Slices are not in several of our area stores.
- Crystal F.

This was one of my favorite samplings as a vegan, it was so much fun! My group and myself enjoyed it so much. Thank you for letting me participate.
- Amber W.

The taste was better than expected, we were also surprised by the melt quality. Everyone enjoyed the grilled cheese I made so much! The free mayo added to the party. We really enjoyed your products. Thank you!
- Pamela P.

Taste wise, the Provolone and Cheddar cheese were okay if tasted right out of the package. But in several dishes I prepared, it was amazing and no one could tell the difference. I loved how it melted really nicely for the grilled cheese and other dishes. At home for my family I made a homemade macaroni and cheese, that was amazing; with Cheddar Follow Your Heart Slices of cheese. I will definitely be doing a review of this on my blog. One of the better tasting non-dairy cheeses I have tried.
- Marina C.

Some of the kids didn’t care for the texture. Saying it was chewy.
- Michele W.

The samples are great, but adding a bit more variety to the samples would help get brand recognition more out there. I know that some brands have limited varieties, but some have lots. More flavors equal happier and more interested shoppers who are willing to give it a try. Some of the cheese flavors were not everyone’s favorite. They like the taste, just not the type of cheese. All-in-all a good group meeting…
- Hermenia P.

We were all very pleasantly surprised and excited about the flavor and texture of Follow your heart slices. The kids really loved it!
- Anna M.

I couldn’t find the mozarella slices, or provolone. Just American. My kids didn’t like it. I thought it was pretty good for being dairy free.
- Heather Y.

We greatly enjoyed being able to try this product out as we learned a lot of new things and learned that it tastes great and is easy to cook with!!
- John L.

Amazing product! The kids who weren’t dairy free couldn’t tell the difference in taste or texture! All loved the cheese!!
- Amy P.

It was very difficult to locate in my area.
- Lisa J

The group really liked the taste and how easy it was to melt, the kids also loved it.
- Melissa H.

While these didn’t compare to real cheese, they were pretty decent right out of the package or melted.
- Michelle C.

I wish I could have found more flavors at stores near me
- Tiffany H.

Compared to other non-dairy cheeses, the group and I thought that Follow Your Heart had similar texture and taste to traditional cheese. We had actually created a meat and cheese platter for the sampling party and paired it with Applegate farms deli meats and Organic salami. I didn’t mention to the moms it was the follow your heart cheese until they asked. They were all actually surprised how well it tasted. Very very pleased with this sampling!
- Nicole N.

Was hoping for a closer taste to dairy cheese, flavor was missing some.
- Molly S.

I was nervous about trying a new dairy free cheese because I’ve had bad luck in the past, but this was great! I’m glad I was chosen to participate.
- Heather Z.

The moms really loved the samples I shared because they loved that they were dairy free, but they could use it like cheese. We made sandwiches and salads and the kids loved the taste and flavor while the moms loved how healthy it was.
- Stefanie S.

I really liked the Follow your heart slices. They are versatile to use and they taste great. It was a bit difficult to find them in the stores. Hopefully more stores will carry them more and more nationwide.
- Hendrika V.

Loved the flavor, and the way it melted made great grilled cheese!
- Lee A.

We are all ‘cheese people’ and a lot were skeptical about how it would taste and/or melt but it was so delish, like eating real cheese from milk. We were very happy!!!
- Leslie M.

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