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Free2b Foods Sun Cups are a delicious, allergy-friendly sunflower butter filled chocolate cup. All Free2b Foods are produced lovingly in small batches by moms and chocolatiers and are made junk-free, preservative free and with the purest ingredients. Every Sun Cup is free from 7 of the top 8 allergens including, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat/gluten, soy, egg, fish and shellfish and verified by the Non-GMO Project, certified by the Celiac Sprue Association, and EarthKosher certified. Finally, great tasting and brilliantly crafted chocolate for everyone!

Egg freeFish freeGluten freeNon-GMOPeanut freeShellfish freeSoy FreeTreenut free

Where to Purchase

Free2b Foods are available in the Denver-metro area at King Soopers, Whole Foods Market, Sprouts Farmers Market, Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage, Lucky’s Market, Alfalfa’s, and Safeway. They are also available for purchase online at Check out other retailers that carry Free2b Foods by visiting their store locator:

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Reviews from our Mom Ambassadors

Overall the product was really liked. Those without food allergies did say they would have a hard time choosing these over a peanut butter cup just due to the variance in taste from the sunflower butter.
- Misty R.

Absolutely love these! They tasted so much better than I had imagined they would. Will definitely buy in the future.
- Billy Jo M.

The comment I heard most from other Moms was that they could feel comfortable sending Free2b products to school parties because children won’t have a reaction and children with allergies won’t feel left out. It’s a nice treat for everyone in the classroom and I agree!
- Carolyn S.

I thought every flavor was delicious. I just wished they would make a peanut butter one for people who love it and give it a different packaging or name. The chocolate was fantastic so it would’ve paired greatly with peanut butter.
- Lxandra

We all loved it for the quality, taste, and the fact that it is pure vegetarian! Kids devoured it in a minute! It wasn’t extra sweet and the cream filling made of sunflower seeds was a surprise for all moms when they knew what it was!
- Sheetal V.

The Sun Cups are great for kids that have food restrictions. The texture inside the candy was a little oily and we got a few big chunks of sunflower seed which put a few moms off. A little hint of salt would be great on these, but otherwise they were a big hit!
- Susan C.

The majority of people did not have food allergies and concluded it was good but they’d still prefer Reese’s or Trader Joe’s peanut butter cups because they can!
- Mom Ambassador

I myself, really enjoyed the flavors, especially the dark chocolate, and was very happy to know about the lower content of sugar and no artificial ingredients!
- Becky M.

They were a nice alternative for people with allergies.
- Acacia B.

Great taste and texture. Everyone was pleased with the samples. Thank you!
- Kemdell C.

One of the daughters of a mom in my group has a lot of allergies. She was so thrilled to be able to eat something that was so yummy and like what other kids eat.
- Jenine C.

Everyone in our group was just amazed at how delicious the Free2b Dark Chocolate Sun Cups were. They are all excited to go out and buy more and have them available for treats at school and at parties!!!
- Anna M.

The carmel ones were weird, but we enjoyed the other flavors. Some kids like the cups better than others and several scarfed them down! I thought the mint was good.
- Rebecca W.

Really a fantastic, very well made product. Love it!
- Hilary

We loved this product! We got to sample other flavors and varieties with our sampling kit. They were all great flavors and we will definitely be buying the Sun Cups regularly.
- Courtney R.

- Desiree K.

My kids and several others from our group just loved these!! I’m very glad we got to try them and loved that they came from a local company!
- Alyssa P.

The kids loved it! We weren’t sure, as it was sun butter… But the did!
- Michelle K.

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