Freedom Foods Barley+ Toasted Muesli

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In need of a gut-health reboot? Freedom Foods Barley+ Toasted Muesli may just be your answer. This delicious breakfast muesli includes toasted barley flakes filled with almonds, hazelnuts, pecans, and much more. Barley+ is a unique range of prebiotic, granola-style muesli featuring BARLEYMax, a new super grain grown in Australia to help address the public health crisis of colon cancer. With 17 grams of fiber in just one serving, it completes 56% of your daily requirements. This perfect mix of three special types of fiber helps sustain your appetite, keeps you regular, feeds your gut good bacteria, and helps you feel positively good! It also has seven grams of protein per serving. Dig in, your digestive system will thank you.

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Gut HealthHigh in fiberHigh in proteinMuesliPrebioticsWhole grain

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Freedom Foods Barley+ Toasted Muesli can be found at Publix, Shaw's, Wegmans, and Acme. To locate a store near you, please visit

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