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Craving a cheeseburger or creamy pasta but not loving the calorie count? Fear not, mom! With the help of Fresh Express you can capture the flavors of your favorite foods in lower calorie salads. That’s what the Fresh Express 30 Day Salad Swap is all about: eating smarter, eating better. Feeling better, too. And you’re going to love Fresh Express’ unrivaled selection of fresh salad mixes, complete salad-making Kits with dressings and toppings, and wholesome organic products. Because they’re the just the tools you need to make delicious, nutritious meals for you and your family.

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Fresh Express products can be conveniently found at Target stores across the country and many other major retailers. To find a store near you, visit


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We made individual salads, a Caesar salad, and a raspberry peach salad…We loved them all and had a ball!
- Amy R.

We had a very difficult time finding the product, then the selection was not very good.
- Pamela C.

The meeting was a lot of fun. The salads were devoured by the adults and children very quickly.
- Bani O'Connor-Bobb

Goes bad fast.
- Tina C.

I went with several of the ladies to the grocery store and we were amazed at all of the choices available!
- Barbra M.

We loved this amazing product! All my mothers & kids enjoyed the salad!
- Deana S.

We had several people at our function. Parents and children all enjoyed the Fresh Salad. It was an informative and tasty evening.
- Elizabeth M.

We all enjoyed ourselves and were happy to give our opinion about the salad. Since we are all interested in eating healthier and providing healthful foods for our family, this was very interesting to us. We were all committed to eating more Fresh Express Salad!
- Gina N.

We had a lot of fun at that meeting – lots of kiddos in tow – and we all enjoyed the salad, even if we didn’t all enjoy having our photo taken, LOL! Thank you, Moms Meet!
- Jeani B.

I made a few salads for this sampling. I made a basic garden salad, a crispy buffalo chicken salad with ranch dressing, and even tried the cheeseburger salad for some adventure! The garden salad was typical, but the cheeseburger salad and buffalo chicken salad were a hit! We discussed different ways to make salads and how to replace meals for salads or even a side item of the meal, such as trading those fries for a salad. The group had a blast, found different ways to even get kids involved in the making process, and were left feeling full!
- Jennilyn G.

Our group had two types of salads. We decided to sample a taco salad and a garden salad and, of course, all are organic products used. In the discussion, most of our moms agree that they would like to see a reusable bag or resealable bag for single use. It was also discussed that they would like to see more ready made kits, like the caesar kits, but maybe with a ranch or vinaigrette. All in all, they enjoyed the organic greens and most will use the coupons to purchase in the near future. Thank you for the opportunity share Fresh Express salads!
- Jessica L.

The salads that I purchased were kale and spinach, the kale bags were gritty and even after washing the salad I couldn’t get rid of the grittiness.
- Zenith E.

My favorite salad of the night was the Bacon Caesar salad kit and I added grilled shrimp and grilled chicken to it. It was AMAZING!!
- Kim B.

Sampled at our new play group with eight other moms and ten children. I made pasta to mix in with the salad, so some children enjoyed as well as the moms. Thanks moms meet and fresh express for providing lunch to eight busy moms!!
- Lindsey J.

The Fresh Express salad kits really impressed our group. They passed the mom test for freshness, kid appeal, and variety! Our group enjoyed Fresh Express spinach, Fresh Express sweet salad mix, crab ball appetizers, grilled chicken, cake, a salad toppings bar, rolls & lemonade. The coupons were a hit as gift bag favors. The youngest kids called the salad bags ‘salad pillows’, which cracked us up.
- M Peregory

We had a great time sampling some delicious Fresh Express Salad mixes. To make our salads even more interesting, I provided lots of fun toppings and three homemade dressings. Everything was a big hit and there was barely any greens left over!
- Melissa F.

I LOVE salads and Fresh Express has a variety of salads that can be used anywhere.. so convenient! I sent my kids to school with salad and a yogurt. I made fried chicken and beans along with a variety of salads for my WORKING MOTHERS Meeting!
- Nicole B.

We did not like the white colored dried out carrots that was the only thing we found wrong with our salads.
- Tonya B.

We made a pasta salad with black bean and corn salsa, sour cream, extra corn and spice mix. We put about 1/2 cup of the pasta salad on top of Fresh Express sweet butter blend salad mix and sprinkled a little cheese on the top. The sweet butter blend salad mix really toned down the spice in the pasta. The salad blend was amazing.
- Pamela W.

I love the salads! They are a little more expensive than store brands, but the biggest hinderance for me was the fact that the only grocer who carries Fresh Express in my area is the grocer farthest from my home. I just do not go there very often.
- Blair Z.

Some of the ladies thought the Asian and southwest salad kits were too expensive for the size. Everyone loved the taste. They liked the fact that organic salad was an option from your company. Loved, loved the kale and spinach mix, very healthy.
- Victoria W.

Everyone loved the salad, the convenience, and taste. One felt it was too expensive.
- Deborah B.

We loved the salad mix, but most people commented that there was only enough salad mix in each package for 1-2 salads. Also, it’s not available at Meijer, only a less shopped at grocery store in the area. I buy it all the time, some people only get it occasionally.
- Ashleigh E.

Fresh Express Salads taste great. I only wish they were available in more grocery stores. I had to go to Target to buy mine.
- Linda L.

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